Law School Got Real Unpopular Real Fast

Hamilton Nolan · 12/17/14 10:50AM

Here's an encouraging statistic: even though law school graduates now have a much better chance of getting a job than they did just a few years ago, the most recent U.S. law school class is the smallest one in 40 years. Are kids actually getting smarter?

It's Harder For Kiddie Lawyers to Get Rich Now

Hamilton Nolan · 10/13/14 03:32PM

Not too long ago, any half-bright young Ivy League whelp with a taste for fluorescent lighting and endless drudgery could get an entry-level lawyer job in a big city for a fat salary. Sadly, it's not quite so easy any more.

Law Prof Rips School for Helping Poor Grads and Not Giving Him a Raise

Adam Weinstein · 04/17/14 10:25AM

Hell hath no fury like Rob Illig, University of Oregon securities law professor, emailing furiously for ANSWERS as to why his school is indulging in "white-man's guilt" by assisting recent graduates working in nonprofit law instead of raising his six-figure salary.

Famous Fraud Stephen Glass Is Officially too Crooked to Be a Lawyer

Tom Scocca · 01/27/14 04:50PM

In a definitive work of media criticism, the California Supreme Court unanimously today ruled that Stephen Glass, notorious for fabricating stories for the New Republic and other magazines as a young writer in the '90s, is unfit for admission to the state bar. The court's 33-page decision is a comprehensive and pitiless accounting of not only Glass's initial misdeeds, but of the dozen years of obfuscation and evasion that followed, as he tried to work his way from journalistic disgrace to lawyerly respectability.

The Consultants Always Win

Hamilton Nolan · 08/28/13 10:26AM

Financial markets fluctuate. Investors have good and bad years. Cities and states see their fortunes rise and fall. Banks soar, crash, and are bailed out by taxpayers. The only people who always come out ahead: the consultants.

Lawyer Asks Hiring Firms to Google Him, Puts Nude Selfie on Facebook

Neetzan Zimmerman · 07/24/13 04:31PM

A go-getter lawyer who recently passed his bar exam decided to hit the ground sprinting with a mass email blast to thousands of potential employers across the state of Delaware in the hopes that one of them will take a chance on a greenhorn.