Cliven Bundy Files Batshit Lawsuit Claiming Harry Reid Is Personally Trying to Steal His Land

Andy Cush · 05/10/16 03:15PM

We warned readers this morning to brace themselves for another whole big exhausting thing with the Bundy family ranchers, thinking that a call from environmental groups for the government to relocate their cattle might prompt another standoff. That might still be the case, but the newest thing we have to contend with turns out to be this completely bonkers lawsuit the Bundy patriarch is filing in federal court.

"We Got the Right Spic": Innocent Man Who Spent Year in Rikers to Sue City 

Andy Cush · 03/11/16 02:35PM

Enger Javier, a Bronx man who was arrested for manslaughter and spent a year in Rikers Island before charges against him were dropped in February, will file a lawsuit against the City of New York on Monday. In the suit, Javier’s attorney alleges that an NYPD detective said, “We got the right spic,” in reference to his arrest, and that he was repeatedly denied when he asked for a lawyer.

Tiny Adult Justin Bieber Can Assault His Bodyguards Because He is Very Famous

Jordan Sargent · 01/10/13 10:20PM

Justin Bieber is a tiny adult. But he's also one of the most famous people in the world and is thus impervious to consequences. One thing you can do as a tiny adult impervious to consequences that you can't do as a tiny adult subject to consequences (like, say, myself) is punch most people, including an ex-Israeli soldier who is your bodyguard. Such are the privileges of being young and famous.

Hell, If Women Want to Fight, Let Them Fight

Hamilton Nolan · 11/28/12 10:35AM

A group of military women, all Iraq or Afghanistan veterans, are suing to force the US military to end its ban on women in "direct combat jobs," contending that A) women end up fighting anyhow due to the eradication of "front lines" in modern warfare, and B) the exclusion from formal combat assignments severely limits women's ability to ascend the military's career ladder. So, great. Let them fight!