The Gun-Law Improvements That No One Is Taking Seriously

Adam Weinstein · 05/28/14 01:03PM

America's gun conversation, to the extent that there is one, is facile, extreme and led by monied interests on both ends. The NRA is awful and the vocal anti-gun left is little better—focused on superficial answers to a culture-wide problem. Here are some reform ideas that ought to be taken seriously.

Sarah Hedgecock · 04/29/14 01:37PM

A federal judge has struck down Wisconsin's 2011 voter ID law, saying that it disproportionately burdens poor and minority voters.

New California Law Lets Minors Easily Erase Dumb Shit They Put Online

Camille Dodero · 09/24/13 05:23PM

Have no fear, all you 14-year-old virgin boys in California who find it funny to post social-media bios that say that you're "hung like a rhinosaurus [sic]" and that you "get more ass than a toilet seat." As of 2015, you will be legally guaranteed the right to delete that dumb shit before serious people who can influence your future see it!

Cord Jefferson · 06/03/13 12:51PM

The Supreme Court ruled today that cops may take D.N.A. from people arrested—but not convicted—for serious crimes. Even Scalia thinks this is some bullshit: "Because of today’s decision, your D.N.A. can be taken and entered into a national database if you are ever arrested, rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason."

Tom Scocca · 04/19/13 04:31PM

While waiting for bomber facts, Sen. Lindsey Graham has one hand in his pants, dreaming of domestic drones and Gitmo.

North Dakota Inching Ever Closer to Being First State to Enact Personhood Abortion Law

Cord Jefferson · 03/22/13 03:52PM

The North Dakota House passed a bill this afternoon that would define life as beginning at conception, effectively moving one step closer to banning all abortion in the state without exception for rape or incest. Approved by the state Senate last month, the bill will now go to voters as a ballot initiative. This latest restrictive measure comes only a week after North Dakota legislators approved bills that would ban abortion beyond six weeks into pregnancy and ban abortion in the case of genetic abnormality, like Downs Syndrome.

We Need a Federal Law Banning Public Subsidies for Private Companies

Hamilton Nolan · 12/03/12 12:15PM

American states, counties, and cities routinely offer huge tax incentives and subsidies to private businesses in order to lure those businesses into locating themselves in a particular place. Spend a little to get a lot, the theory goes. Priming the pump of economic development, etc. The problem is that what is supposed to be spending for the public's benefit in fact benefits only private corporations. And it should be outlawed.

Penises Exposed in Broad Daylight Becoming Less Cool in San Francisco

Cord Jefferson · 10/03/12 07:05PM

In 2008 I went to San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair with my then-girlfriend and saw the oddest instance of public nudity I'd ever come across. It was a guy in a mask who was naked from the waist down and sitting motionlessly in a doorway, ostensibly unperturbed by the thousands of people milling around about him. I was confused as to why someone might wear a T-shirt and socks but no pants or underwear, but the man himself didn't seem unsure of a thing. He didn't even move when another, younger man came out of the door he was obstructing, forcing the resident to quietly step over him as if he were the one doing something strange.