Aleksander Chan · 03/03/15 11:50AM

David Petraeus, the disgraced former head of the CIA, has reached a plea deal with the Justice Department, pleading guilty to one count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material for allegedly passing classified documents to his mistress. The charge carries a one year maximum prison sentence.

Amid Controversy, Reclusive Heiress Dies at 104

Brian Moylan · 05/24/11 11:44AM

Huguette Clark, a 104-year-old copper heiress, reportedly passed away this morning at Beth Israel Medical Center, where she's lived for the past two decades. With her advisers still under investigation for plundering her fortune, this is a Law & Order episode waiting to happen.

Law & Order: LA Filming a Gabrielle Giffords-Inspired Episode

Seth Abramovitch · 04/26/11 02:29AM

Think whatever you want about NBC's Law & Order franchise. I know it has its adherents. But I think it's a gross, stupidly written collection of shows that passes off profound human suffering as casual entertainment. Every time I accidentally stumble onto it, some five-year-old is playing with Legos and describing how he was recently raped, while Ice-T and Richard Belzer make wisecracks in the background. How is this acceptable? It isn't.

No One Wants to Watch Law & Order: Los Angeles

Richard Lawson · 04/12/11 04:39PM

Well, it seems that not even a return from a four-month hiatus following a massive round of retooling could spark much interest in the West Coast edition of Law & Order. Last night's two-hour episode (well it was really two separate eps, but whatever), which killed off poor Skeet Ulrich and demoted Alfred Molina from DA to detective, posted a meager 5.3 million viewers, not a good sign for an already troubled show.

An American Perspective on Law & Order: UK

Ajay Mehta · 01/15/11 05:30PM

From the Brits at the BBC comes this ridiculous clip of Law & Order: UK. The show happens to cover all of our common stereotypes about our friends across the pond, from their intense politeness to their obsession with tea.