Defamer Casting: If He Did It, This Is How The Casting Notice Happened

mark · 01/19/07 05:30PM

We imagine that a recent Law & Order story-pitching session went something like this: gather around the conference room table, flip open a newspaper, point at the big picture of O.J. Simpson, grunt in satisfaction at a job well done, order in some lunch, then call it a day. A tipster passed along the casting notice generated by the above feat of creative exertion:

Defamer Casting: Finding Adrienne Shelly's Murderer

mark · 01/11/07 05:06PM

Once again proving there is virtually no ripped-from-the-headlines crime they're unwilling to exploit in the name of easily-syndicated primetime procedural drama, the gang over at Law & Order are already planning an episode based on the tragic murder of Adrienne Shelly, the actress who was killed in November by a construction worker who then tried to make the crime look like a suicide by hanging her. A reader sent in this casting notice for the role of "Julio Contreras":