Leo and Beyoncé, Together at Last

Richard Lawson · 06/27/11 05:38PM

The unlikely duo might be paired up in a new/old movie musical. Also today: Nicole Kidman is a replacement, a big new miniseries is on the way, and Law & Order: SVU has its new detectives!

Game of Thrones Forever

Richard Lawson · 06/21/11 04:51PM

HBO's sword 'n' snow epic finished its first season in mighty fine form. Also today: Lots of casting news, from people as diverse as Griffin Dunne and Penn Badgley. Plus: Who will replace Elliot Stabler?

The Future Dims for Jennifer Love Hewitt

Richard Lawson · 06/13/11 05:15PM

What once looked bright, briefly, has now darkened again. What will Love do? Also today: Good news for fans of The Killing, bad news for some fans of Game of Thrones, and Madonna gets picked up.

Law & Order: SVU and Real Life Sexual Victims Unit Both in Trouble

Brian Moylan · 05/25/11 02:25PM

First Law & Order got the axe, but now actors are defecting from L&O: SVU and it looks like the real life sexual victims unit, which counsels rape victims and collects evidence of sexual assault at the city's 11 hospitals, might get canceled as well.

Kathy Griffin Takes Over Law & Order: SVU

nightintern · 03/04/10 12:17AM

Kathy Griffin's epic appearance on tonight's Law & Order: SVU did not disappoint: vampires stealing from blood-blanks, love triangles and lesbian kisses. Griffin played the defender of all lesbians under attack in Manhattan, and did so how only she could.