Are You There, Chelsea in 30 Seconds

Matt Toder · 01/12/12 12:50AM

Tonight NBC premiered a new sitcom, Are You There, Chelsea wherein Laura Prepon (of That 70's Show) plays Chelsea Handler and Chelsea Handler plays her own older sister. The show is based on one of Handler's memoirs, Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea and even though NBC decided to strike the vodka mention in the title, they left in plenty of alcohol-related sentiment. While it is certainly not as gratuitously offensive and terrible as Work It, it has about the same number of jokes. Here is the show boiled down to its essence.

Which Celebrities Should We Send to Starve in a Jungle?

Richard Lawson · 02/16/11 04:41PM

First, a Survivor question! After that, there is so much pilot casting news today it's hard to know what to do with it! Some of it is very exciting (Summer Roberts!) and some of it less so (Donna Pinciotti as Chelsea Handler), but absolutely all of it is need-to-know. Or not. Whatever. Here it is.

Paris Will Only Serve Half Her Sentence

Emily Gould · 05/17/07 09:15AM
  • Because of the "good behavior" she displayed by showing up in court, Paris Hilton will only serve about 23 days, and she'll be separated from the general inmate population. Just like at Hyde! [AP]