Little Boy's Fake Trip to Heaven to Become Real Movie

Richard Lawson · 05/09/11 04:39PM

A little boy says he went to heaven, his father writes a book about it, and now this book is becoming a movie. The Rapture is almost upon us, everyone! Also today: Johnny Depp is going to play a classic crime solver, Catherine Hardwicke loves her some teenagers, and Hunger Games newz!

The Big C: Slow Fade To White

Morgan Barry · 11/16/10 04:12PM

Last night The Big C aired it's season finale and once again we were left misty and confused. Have the producers possibly killed off the series star already? We've got our theories, now you be the judge.

Showtime Does Lady Pain Just Right

Richard Lawson · 11/16/10 02:31PM

Last night's season finales of The Big C and Weeds demonstrated what HBO's oft-wayward younger brother does best. They make compelling, if ridiculous, drama about middle class women in precarious tight spots.

Dysfunctional Family Bonding In This Weeks Big C

Morgan Barry · 10/06/10 10:00AM

Last night's episode of The Big C saw Cathy once again trying to tie up some loose ends, family wise. This time taking a trip out to see her dad, who unsurprisingly, fits right in as another miserable old coot.

The Big C: Marlene Shows Her Softer Side, Dogs Can Smell Cancer

Angelito Yambao Jr. · 08/31/10 10:10AM

Coping with any life threatening disease is a tall task. Sometimes life's simpler pleasures are what we need to keep moving forward. Who knew Marlene wasn't such an ass after all? The tin woodsman had a heart all along.

What Happens When a Comedy Gets Too Wacky?

Brian Moylan · 08/17/10 12:35PM

In order to seem edgy, nearly every new TV comedy infuses itself with a sense of zaniness. Watching Weeds and The Big C last night, we saw one show do wacky right, and one do it horrendously wrong.

The Gawker Guide to Summer TV

Richard Lawson & Brian Moylan · 06/03/10 03:03PM

Summer's here! Are you fretting that there's nothing on television? Well, stop living in the past! We don't live in a school-year-dictated world anymore. Here are some shows you should consider watching to help pass the hot months, safely indoors.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 02/05/10 07:00AM

Laura Linney turns 46 today. Actress Jennifer Jason Leigh is turning 48. Retired New York Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Sr. is 84. Writer/director Christopher Guest is turning 62. Baseball legend Hank Aaron is 76. Movie director Michael Mann is turning 67. Documentarian Errol Morris is 62. Michigan's governor, Jennifer Granholm, turns 51. Videogame pioneer Nolan Bushnell is 67. Former SNL stars Chris Parnell and Tim Meadows are turning 43 and 49, respectively. And Mr. Bobby Brown turns 41 today. A few people celebrating birthdays this weekend are below.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 02/05/09 07:21AM

Jennifer Jason Leigh turns 47 today. Sulzberger family patriarch and former Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Sr. is 83. Former Morgan Stanley co-president Bob Scully is 59. Actress Laura Linney is turning 45. Writer/director Christopher Guest is 61. Baseball legend Hank Aaron is turning 75. Film director Michael Mann is 66. Oscar-winning documentarian Errol Morris is 61. Bobby Brown is turning 40. And two former SNL stars are celebrating today: Chris Parnell is 42 and Tim Meadows is 48.

Emmy Nomination Hell! 10 Plots and Subplots to Watch After Today's Big Announcements

STV · 07/17/08 10:10AM

The world awoke this morning to the chirping of little birds resembling Kristin Chenoweth and Neil Patrick Harris, perched at a podium in the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, announcing nominations for the 60th Emmy Awards. While most rolled over and tried to get back to sleep, we sat bolt upright as usual and sprinted to the window, our furious note-taking chronicling a few snubs, surprises and plenty of the conventional wisdom we've come to expect from the annual ritual.

Winner Or Loser, All That Really Matters On Oscar Night Is Who Wore The Best Dress

Molly Friedman · 02/22/08 12:14PM

The question on the minds of the glossy mags isn't who will take home little gold men on Sunday night, but rather who'll make the biggest fashion faux-pas. And there's no shortage of mistakes made by this year's Best Actress nominees in the past. But we aren't hoping for new additions to the Fashion Police Hall of Fame; instead, we went digging through the archives to find the biggest mistake all five actresses tend to make in the style department, and our suggestions for which signature looks they should keep in mind to achieve sartorial success come Sunday.

Trade Round-Up: NBC Promises "Joey" Will Still Be Unfunny On A Two Inch Screen

mark · 11/08/05 02:27PM

· CBS joins NBC in offering free content for a low, low $.99 price, through Comcast's on-demand system. NBC, also reportedly close to a deal with Apple to make their content available for the iPod, ups the ante by promising downloaders that they'll have the added ability to cancel anything from their Fall schedule directly from their handheld media player. [Variety]
· Blockbuster endures a "hefty" $491 million third quarter loss, prepares for the day that their stores become very cheerfully decorated squats (with almost unlimited microwave popcorn!) for the homeless. [THR]
· Laura Linney strives for "2004 Ben Stiller" levels of ubiquity, will simultaneously film the comedy Man of the Year and spy thriller Breach. [Variety]
· "Ashton Kutcher already has joined the cast of the action drama." Are there any sweeter words in all of Hollywood? [THR]
· "What do you mean Uwe Boll's not available? OK, what other video-game specialist hack needs to eat this week? The Resident Evil guy? Bring him to me!" [Variety]