Ed Schultz Suspended from MSNBC, Apologizes to Laura Ingraham

Max Read · 05/25/11 10:47PM

MSNBC's Ed Schultz offered an extended apology to radio host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday, a day after calling her a "right-wing slut" on his own radio show. Schultz said he was beginning an "indefinite" leave, though MSNBC had earlier announced that he'd be suspended without pay for one week. In the course of his on-air statement, Schultz told his audience that he's tried to reach out to Ingraham to apologize. He also promised he'd never use the world "slut" again. [WaPo]

Ed Schultz Shouldn't Use the Word 'Slut' to Describe Ladies

Jim Newell · 05/25/11 02:31PM

Ed Schultz, the fake, lefty Rush Limbaugh whom MSNBC trots out for an hour each night to botch debased versions of Democratic talking points, had some nasty words for right-wing babbler Laura Ingraham on his radio show yesterday. While Ingraham is certainly an unsavory character, did Schultz really need to resort to the descriptor "slut," twice, over some ephemeral Obama-drinks-beer-in-Ireland nontroversy?

Stephen Colbert Calls Laura Ingraham A Racist Who Can't Write

Matt Toder · 08/03/10 11:35PM

On tonight's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert welcomed conservative pundit Laura Ingraham whose current book, the Obama Diaries, is an NYT bestseller. It's also a terribly hackneyed, racist caricature of the Obamas. And, as Colbert tells Ingraham directly, it's horribly written.

The Crankiest Fox Blonde of All

Pareene · 07/15/08 09:50AM

Talk radio superstar Laura Ingraham (the top-rated lady host on the airwaves!) finally got her own television show on Fox News after acting as Bill O'Reilly's official guest-host for 100 years. It lasted for three weeks! In part because she's strenuously unpleasant, as these ten minutes of her preparing for air demonstrate. Once again, Harry Shearer's magical satellite dish captures off-air television gold. Watch as Laura requests that you don't come in her ear and complains of a strange Hispanic gentlemen showing up in her prompter. (Fun fact: she used to date Keith Olbermann like ten years ago!) Clip below. Enjoy.

Laura Ingraham Co-Hosts 'The View,' Barely Escapes Stabbing

Maggie · 11/13/07 04:30PM

So the token nice blond conservative on "The View," Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who recently popped out a baby named Taylor Thomas, has been replaced by guest host and token uber-bitch blond conservative ABC Radio talk show host, Laura Ingraham. Come now, ABC, cross-promotion aside: Surely there are other voices that could also use representation in your little femme-medley. Say, oh, maybe an Asian-American woman, a college-aged student, a Southeast Asian woman, a senior citizen or a dude? Sigh. Instead, we must resign ourselves to listening to Ingraham, who, while not an idiot (unless you're speaking to Eric Alterman, who thinks she so totally is), is so distasteful that their seething rage at her is probably one of the few things "The View" ladies can agree on.