Spotify Launches Tomorrow

Remy Stern · 07/13/11 06:02PM

Spotify, the mythical streaming music service launches tomorrow, no later than 8AM eastern. There will be all sorts of free streaming goodness. But you need to get on the invite list now. [Gizmodo]

Now There's Video Chat in Your Facebook

Adrian Chen · 07/06/11 01:10PM

Facebook just introduced a powerful new way for you to avoid doing your work: video chat built by Skype. It should be no surprise this comes as Google Plus gets rave reviews for its own video chat feature, Hangouts. [Gizmodo]

Censor Your Offensive Friends on Twitter

Ryan Tate · 05/03/11 03:33PM

There are now browser extensions that will filter out curse words from your online friends. Meet "Bleep Tweets" and its cousin the "Foul Facebook Filter," both great if your social networking has gotten far too exciting.

The iPad Newspaper is Here

Ryan Tate · 02/02/11 12:24PM

Rupert Murdoch and his team at News Corp., plus third-string Apple executive Eddy Cue, just unveiled the much-hyped iPad newspaper, The Daily, in New York. It's got video, big pictures, embedded Twitter, and updates that "break in" to the app.

New Wikileaks Competitor Gets Leaked

Adrian Chen · 01/28/11 02:26PM

High-profile Wikileaks competitor Openleaks officially launched today. In a sign of what's to come, Openleaks' website was leaked to another secret-sharing website two days before its launch. It's leaks all the way down.

The Fierce Ideology of 'No Labels'

Jim Newell · 12/13/10 02:33PM

A cabal of centrist Democrats and lapsed Republicans are gathering in New York today to launch "No Labels," a group that advocates ditching partisan politics for supposedly common sense solutions. Cute! But don't pretend that this isn't ideological.

Why the iPad Newspaper is Doomed

Ryan Tate · 11/24/10 02:25PM

Rupert Murdoch is putting $30 million and 100 journalists behind an iPad newspaper called "The Daily." He even has support from Apple CEO Steve Jobs. But no one really believes this thing will last. Here's why.

Google Is Now On Crack

Ryan Tate · 09/08/10 12:37PM

If you wish your search engine was more like a brain implant, then you'll love the new Google: It displays results instantly, predicts what you're looking for, and is extremely fast. It's also a big gamble.