David Letterman Gives Us 10 More Reasons to Laugh at John Boehner

Matt Cherette · 01/07/11 01:19AM

On tonight's Late Show, David Letterman delivered a rare treat—the episode's "Top 10 List" was actually funny! The topic was "Little-Known Facts About John Boehner," though, so it was bound to be a stone groove smash hit wonder.

Watch Cam Newton Read the Late Show Top 10 List

Matt Cherette · 12/14/10 12:42AM

Following his winning of the Heisman Trophy last weekend, Auburn quarterback Cam Newton stopped by the Late Show tonight to read David Letterman's Top 10 List: "Things Cam Newton Can Say Now That He Won the Heisman Trophy." Watch inside.

Tina Fey Resurrects Her Sarah Palin Impersonation on the Late Show

Matt Cherette · 11/04/10 12:10PM

Yesterday, Tina Fey stopped by the Late Show for a chat with David Letterman. When the topic switched to Sarah Palin, Fey confessed that she barely remembered how to do her famed impersonation before busting it out one last time.

David Letterman Reveals the Real Reason Why Oprah Hated Him

Matt Cherette · 09/28/10 11:41PM

Tonight, Jon Stewart visited David Letterman on the Late Show, and the two had quite the hilarious discussion about Oprah Winfrey. During the chat, Letterman revealed that Winfrey "hated" him "long before" the Academy Awards incident—and then explained why.

Tina Fey's Daughter is Funnier Than You Are

Matt Cherette · 03/25/10 12:57AM

Everyone knows that Tina Fey is a fan of her four-year-old daughter, Alice. After Fey's interview with David Letterman on tonight's Late Show, however, it makes sense: Alice seems like one funny little girl. Like mother, like daughter? Video inside.