Ellen DeGeneres Uses Tonight Show Appearance to Squeeze in a Workout

Matt Cherette · 09/14/11 02:09AM

Face down, ass up and armed with two big fists on Tuesday's Tonight Show, self-described "wrecking machine" Ellen DeGeneres revealed—and then demonstrated—exactly how she likes to do it as Jay Leno leered over her, stroking his big, long chin in anticipation of... wait, what? Ew, you sicko, I'm talking about push-ups! Now get your mind out of the gutter and watch the video.

Late Show Features Three Reasons Not to Watch Two and a Half Men

Matt Cherette · 09/09/11 03:50AM

The cast of Two and a Half Men appeared on tonight's Late Show to present David Letterman's Top 10 list of reasons to still tune in. But as you'll see in this video, Ashton Kutcher sort of seems over it already, so... points at least for being self-aware?

David Letterman Would Rather Face Jihad Than Interview the Kardashians

Matt Cherette · 09/07/11 01:26AM

Silly you, thinking yesterday's Keeping Up with the Kardashians season finale marked the beginning of a reprieve from America's most undeservedly famous family. Because tonight, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe took the Late Show by storm for an interview with David Letterman. They were annoying, obviously, but you know what was kind of fun? Watching Letterman conduct the interview like he was talking to three surprisingly articulate toddlers with gigantic breasts. Here's our highlight reel.

David Arquette Giggles About Rob Kardashian's 'Great Ass' to David Letterman

Matt Cherette · 08/31/11 11:55PM

Newly minted Dancing with the Stars contestant David Arquette was on tonight's Late Show. Arquette talked to David Letterman about being sober from alcohol, reconciling with estranged wife Courteney Cox, being enamored with fellow DWTS contestant Rob Kardashian's "great ass" (it's true, his ass is pretty spectacular), being scared of Nancy Grace, and more. But mostly, he just giggled. A lot! Check out our video of the interview's best four minutes above.

David Letterman Celebrates Regis Philbin's 80th Birthday

Matt Cherette · 08/26/11 01:57AM

The last time Regis Philbin had anything to do with a David Letterman Top 10 list, he was ruining it. But not this time. On tonight's Late Show, Letterman used the segment to wish Philbin a happy 80th—and to speculate as to how the octogenarian spent his big day. Video of Letterman's tribute is above.

David Letterman Grills Ashton Kutcher About Two and a Half Men

Matt Cherette · 08/25/11 12:18AM

Ashton Kutcher stepped out of his insanely oversized trailer on the Two and a Half Men set tonight for long enough to visit the Late Show. And while most of us aren't the least bit interested in knowing about Kutcher's Charlie Sheen-replacing character—or the details of Sheen's on-screen death—David Letterman nonetheless seemed quite intent on getting him to cough up some details. Video of the interrogation is above.

Anne Hathaway Performs Anti-Paparazzi Rap Song on Conan

Matt Cherette · 08/17/11 01:45AM

Although Anne Hathaway stopped by Conan tonight to promote her new movie, One Day, she spent more time talking about her upcoming role as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. Hathaway said that during filming she almost reached her breaking point because of the aggressive paparazzi tracking her every move, but she coped with the stress by writing a nasty rap song about them. And then she performed it.

Kathy Griffin Recounts Her Chance Encounter with Michele Bachmann

Matt Cherette · 08/16/11 02:50AM

Kathy Griffin stopped by the set of Conan this evening and recounted an encounter she had with Michele Bachmann in Washington back in March. After first asking Bachmann if she'd be willing to support a rally to repeal don't ask don't tell, Griffin put the following question to the congresswoman and GOP presidential candidate: "Were you born a bigot or did you just, like, grow into it?" As you'll see in the clip above, Bachmann's response was pretty priceless.

Emma Stone Abandoned Facebook After Becoming Addicted to FarmVille

Matt Cherette · 08/12/11 03:14AM

Emma Stone has had three movies come out in as many weeks, so naturally she's been on just about every talk show imaginable recently. You'd think she's run out of interesting anecdotes by now, but Stone's interview with Jimmy Fallon on tonight's Late Night was actually kind of adorable. Watch Stone discuss her paranoid fear of Twitter and the FarmVille addiction that forced her to delete her Facebook account in the clip above.

Here's Snooki Dry Heaving at the Mention of The Situation's Name

Matt Cherette · 08/11/11 03:34AM

Snooki graced Jimmy Fallon with her busty orange glow on tonight's Late Night. At the end of the interview, Fallon asked the Jersey Shore star about The Situation's claims during last week's show that he had a sexual relationship with her and she pretended to vomit. "He took my friendship as a wrong way, you know? Yeah, he got a little too creepy."

David Letterman Guesses How President Obama Celebrated His Birthday

Matt Cherette · 08/05/11 01:09AM

President Obama turned 50 on Thursday and the stock market responded by crashing, so it's safe to say that any birthday celebrations at the White House today were probably a bit subdued. But what did Obama do to mark the occasion? On tonight's Late Show, David Letterman ventured some guesses as part of his Top 10 list. Video of the segment is above.

Roseanne Barr Says She's Running for President

Matt Cherette · 08/05/11 12:18AM

Roseanne Barr has a new TV show to promote (it's called Roseanne's Nuts and it airs on Lifetime, apparently), so tonight when she visited the The Tonight Show, she went for broke and announced to Jay Leno that she plans to run for president. Yes, as in President of the United States. Is that more or less ridiculous that the idea of Kelsey Grammer running for the nation's highest office? Hard to say, but you can watch the faded sitcom star try and explain her platform to Jay Leno above.

Watch David Letterman Make Emma Stone Squirm on the Late Show

Matt Cherette · 08/04/11 01:44AM

"It" girl of the moment Emma Stone stopped by the Late Show tonight to chat with David Letterman and promote her upcoming film, The Help. While we're sure Letterman had only the best of intentions, we couldn't help but feel creeped out by his fixation on Stone's voice, eyes and hair. And if the above video is any indication, she seemed a bit uncomfortable, as well. Easy, Dave!

Ricky Gervais Still Won't Shut Up About the Golden Globes

Matt Cherette · 08/03/11 12:33AM

It's been more than six months—and several talk show appearances—since Ricky Gervais made all those controversial jokes at the Golden Globes, so surely he's done talking about it, right? Not so much, actually, as you'll see in this exchange Gervais had with David Letterman on tonight's Late Show, during which he said "I don't think I should" when asked if he'd host the awards show again.

Kirstie Alley Confronts David Letterman for Calling Her Fat

Matt Cherette · 07/29/11 12:53AM

Kirstie Alley's turn on Dancing with the Stars earlier this year helped revive her career. It also resulted in a revival of fat jokes about the actress with David Letterman chief among the offenders. So when Alley appeared on tonight's Late Show, it was all but inevitable that she'd bring up the issue. Which she did pretty much immediately.

Regis Philbin Ruins David Letterman's Top 10 List

Matt Cherette · 07/13/11 12:35AM

After receiving a request from David Letterman to serve as co-host of the Late Show for one night, Regis Philbin showed up to do just that on tonight's program. But when it came time for Philbin to assist Letterman in reading off the night's Top 10 list, things went south—and became quite funny—in a hurry.

David Letterman Probes Emma Watson About Her Booze Intake

Matt Cherette · 07/12/11 01:02AM

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 comes out Friday, so naturally we'll be seeing its stars hit the talk show circuit this week. Emma Watson got the ball rolling with an appearance on tonight's Late Show, during which she was asked by David Letterman about co-star Daniel Radcliffe's recent admission that he's a recovering alcoholic. And as if that wasn't awkward enough on its own, Letterman then spent the better part of two minutes pestering Watson for details related to her own alcohol use. Video of the whole bit is above.