I Am Slightly Underwhelmed By Lindsay Lohan's Paris Fashion Week Debut

Foster Kamer · 10/04/09 10:30AM

Lindsay Lohan makes her big Paris Fashion Week catwalk debut. Beyonce dad is impregnating women and moving women to the left. Vincent Gallo: still awesome. Liza Minella, Michael Jackson, Padma, Diller, the High Line! Here's your Sunday Morning Gossip Roundup:

Google, No Longer the Land of the Free

Owen Thomas · 03/11/09 06:27PM

The accountants have taken over the Googleplex, once a hotbed of amiably unprofitable innovation. The notion that ads would pay the way for everything has been dropped — and "fee" is replacing "free."

Marissa Mayer: Google's Biggest Failure

Owen Thomas · 03/01/09 10:24PM

Google's perfectionist cupcake princess is totally misunderstood! That's the claim Marissa Mayer, the VP who oversees Google search, makes to a credulous New York Times, which licks up the frosted version of her career.

Google Cuts Off Its Big-Media Dreams

Owen Thomas · 02/12/09 05:40PM

Like Napoleon marching into an abandoned Moscow, Larry Page and Sergey Brin have led Google's advance into traditional advertising only to find nothing to loot. Now begins Google's long imperial retreat, starting with 40 layoffs.

Googlers' Pilots Are Real Boobs

Owen Thomas · 01/13/09 04:51PM

The Google Jet really is a party plane. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin travel the world on a Boeing 767 they bought and tricked out. But who flies it for them? A wild bunch.

Google's austerity campaign

Owen Thomas · 12/03/08 11:00AM

The best place to work in America is becoming like every other big corporation. Google, at its heart an overgrown advertising agency, is most famous for its lavish perks. Now those are disappearing.

No costume? No problem

Adriana Nunez · 10/31/08 05:00PM

Some readers have told us our Halloween masks were a little too frightening. If you're still scrambling to pull together a costume, here are four options that are more treat than trick. Best of all, you'll be able to get what you need from your own closet.