Googlers Must Denounce Evil, Says Google's Ex-Mastermind

Ryan Tate · 03/21/12 05:15PM

It's been almost one year since Eric Schmidt stepped down as CEO of Google, and sometimes it seems like he's experienced a midlife identity crisis. Schmidt drives a Ferrari, will reportedly divorce his wife, and now he's calling on programmers, like those at Google, to speak out against any evil practices their bosses ask them to perform.

Google's CEO Dealt Drugs and Knew It, Say Feds

Ryan Tate · 01/25/12 04:32PM

Well, this is certainly interesting: Google's CEO Larry Page knew all about ads his company ran for an illegal Mexican drug ring run by a convicted con artist and described in detail to Google executives. But the advertisements for illicit steroids were allowed to continue because, hey, more revenue for Google.

Google's CEO Hates Gmail

Ryan Tate · 11/10/11 03:15PM

Larry Page is a busy man. The Google CEO wants his company moving quickly and decisively. That, in turn, means eliminating the plodding exchanges fostered by Who invented that thing, anyway?

Mark Zuckerberg Is Now Richer Than Google's Geezers

Ryan Tate · 09/22/11 02:42PM

Facebook's co-founder CEO might be 11 years younger than Google's co-founder CEO, with a company half as old, but he's got about $2.4 billion on the guy. Mark Zuckerberg just became the country's richest person under 40.

How Email Hoarding Burned Google's CEO

Ryan Tate · 08/29/11 04:58PM

The man who used to run Google, Eric Schmidt, deleted almost every email immediately after reading it. His successor, Larry Page is an outspoken proponent of hoarding email. In whose inbox do you think the feds recently found incriminating evidence?

Google Is Reborn Creepier and Meaner

Ryan Tate · 08/15/11 01:08PM

Once upon a time, Google was run like a playground; it was the sort of place where you'd get points for attending the Burning Man hippie drug fest. Under new CEO Larry Page, we're seeing a more ruthless Google — the sort of company perfect comfortable turning its business partners into creepy sock puppets today.

Wendi Deng Murdoch Cozies Up to Her Husband's Enemy

Ryan Tate · 07/21/11 03:17PM

Wendi Deng deserves credit for containing husband Rupert Murdoch's worst impulses. Not only did her fearsome bodyguarding distract the world from hubby's hacking scandal, it's now clear that she preserved a friendship with Google that Murdoch tried to explode.

Google CEO's Second Mystery Baby

Ryan Tate · 06/20/11 02:32PM

The prototype is incubating, but still under wraps. A recent picture of Larry Page's wife reveals that the Google CEO is expecting a second child. Just don't expect Page, the taciturn computer scientist, to reveal much about the baby.

Lady Gaga Criticizes Steve Jobs To His Face

Ryan Tate · 06/06/11 04:15PM

Who is the one person allowed to stand up to corporate diva Steve Jobs and criticize the Apple CEO to his face? That would, of course, be musical diva Lady Gaga, who recently talked a little trash at Apple headquarters.

Google's New CEO Gave Wall Street the Finger

Ryan Tate · 04/18/11 10:14AM

Wall Street analysts hoped Larry Page would lay out his vision for Google on his first earnings call as CEO. Instead Page spoke briefly, took no questions and left. Now it's downgrade time.

Google Shifts Toward Amway Compensation Model

Ryan Tate · 04/07/11 06:45PM

Google's coddled engineers better start hustling and finding new customers—starting with friends and family—new CEO Larry Page is telling the troops. First prize is an extra 25 percent bonus.

Google Co-Founder's Surprising War on Multitasking

Adrian Chen · 03/25/11 03:16PM

Google co-founder Larry Page is set to take over as CEO of Google when Eric Schmidt steps down on April 4th. He's already started instituting some changes to streamline bureaucracy in an attempt to help the massive company return to its startup roots. And according to the Wall Street Journal, Page doesn't want Googlers distracted during meetings:

Google's Weirdest Investments

Ryan Tate · 10/05/10 12:50PM

Sending robots to the moon. Beekeeping. Genetic testing. A bicycle monorail. Google's investments sometimes lend the impression the company doesn't know what to do with all its free cash. Business Insider's Jay Yarow details the company's most bizarre investments below.

The Ultimate Wedding Present

Ryan Tate · 09/29/10 04:22PM

What does one insanely rich tech guy give another insanely rich tech guy as a wedding present? If you're a Google founder, the answer is reportedly "a party jet."

Gmail Overlord Always Deletes His Email

Ryan Tate · 03/30/10 01:10PM

Eric Schmidt's email habits are bizarre, considering his job: The CEO of Google and ultimate overlord of email-hoarding service Gmail deletes every email he receives, unless he's specifically asked to do otherwise. And that's not his only strange habit.