Morrissey on Suicide: "It's Admirable"

Jay Hathaway · 08/19/15 12:14PM

In his chat with wizened television shaman Larry King Wednesday, professional sadster and glib racist Morrissey discussed his battle with depression and offered what King says “could be considered a controversial take on the act of suicide.” Hmm, yes: “It’s admirable” could be considered a controversial thing to say about suicide. Very astute observations all around, gentlemen.

Putin Fan Larry King Joining Russian News Channel

Max Read · 05/29/13 07:23AM

Prehistoric fertility god and former CNN host Larry King is bringing his current show, Tales from the Cryptkeeper, to Russia Today, and adding another show, Politics With Larry King, to the Kremlin-funded cable news and YouTube channel. "I would rather ask questions to people in positions of power, instead of speaking on their behalf," King says in the promo spot.

Gay Teen Now Being Blamed for His Own Murder

Brian Moylan · 08/11/11 02:32PM

Fifteen year-old Larry King (no relation to the CNN interviewer) was shot twice in the back of the head by his classmate Brandon McInerney while sitting in school in Oxnard, California. Now that McInerney is on trial, the boy's legal team and the school administration are using the tried and true "he was asking for it" defense. This is totally disgusting.

Larry King Wants to Marry Anderson Cooper

Richard Lawson · 07/25/11 01:19PM

Gentleman's Quarterly magazine, aka "GQ", recently sat down with milliongenarian TV personality and budding stand-up comic Larry King to ask him some weird 'n' wacky questions. They even played Fuck Marry Kill with some of King's CNN colleagues. And his answers were sexy.

Gay Teen Murder Trial Begins In California

Seth Abramovitch · 07/06/11 01:48AM

The murder trial has begun for Brandon McInerney, a high school student from Oxnard, California, who three years ago walked into computer class, sat behind openly gay classmate Larry King, and shot him twice in the back of the head. Opening statements from both sides offered new details about that senseless and horrific case.

Greta Van Susteren Unclear on What Journalism Is

Hamilton Nolan · 06/10/11 03:04PM

In your finally Friday media column: Greta Van Susteren stands up for Sarah Palin, the NYT vs. HuffPo Twitter traffic war, an excellent history of The National, Conde Nast must have its own air, and Larry King comments on penises.

Larry King Is Hawking Breath Mints Now

Matt Cherette · 04/06/11 08:12PM

Ever since Larry King departed CNN, the talk show legend has had a hard time finding things to fill his time—which is probably why he (and wife Shawn) agreed to shill for BreathGemz in this classically cheesy infomercial. [AdAge]

Watch Larry King Host a Show from Conan O'Brien's Rafters

Matt Cherette · 04/06/11 01:51AM

On his show tonight, Conan O'Brien announced that he really missed Larry King. His solution? Allow King to host a show from, as the CNN legend put it, the "creepy rafters" above O'Brien's studio. Alas, it didn't take long for both men to get annoyed by the other's presence.

Someone to Finally Pay Attention to the Millennials

Richard Lawson · 02/23/11 05:00PM

At long last young twentysomethings are getting a work of art all about them. Naturally MTV is the network to bravely take up the mantle. Also today: some truly scary movie casting, some somewhat less scary TV casting, and a discussion of the work of Chris Columbus.