Sister outs Mrs. Larry Page as ex-model

Owen Thomas · 07/21/08 02:00PM

Lucy Page, the bioinformatics-expert wife of the Google cofounder, would seem to fit the Forbes template for billionaires' wives: "Looks are great — but brains are even better." Unlike husband Larry — shown here kissing his bride at their Necker Island wedding — the former Lucy Southworth actually completed her Ph.D. at Stanford. But a revelation from sister Carrie Southworth, an actress, may mar Lucy's Valley-brainy reputation.

Mark Zuckerberg reveals Larry Page's wife in another man's embrace

Owen Thomas · 03/27/08 05:20PM

Before Lucy Southworth met Larry, there was another man in the future Ms. Page's life: Tom Kretchmar. From a photo album on Facebook, leaked thanks to the site's privacy holes, we can see Southworth and Kretchmar were close. In one photo, she's sitting on his lap. Old college flame, or just a friendly school chum? Never mind: Southworth is too radiantly adorkable for me to pay much attention to Kretchmar.

Introducing Mrs. Lucy Page

Owen Thomas · 01/28/08 03:40PM

Anne Wojcicki, the wife of Google cofounder Sergey Brin and CEO of the Google-funded biotech startup 23andMe, is a modern sort, keeping her name after marriage. Not so, apparently, for the former Lucy Southworth, who recently married Brin's cofounder, Larry Page. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, her nametag read "Lucy Page." One thing's for sure: This will make her more difficult to Google.

Larry and Lucy honeymoon in Argentina, sort of

Owen Thomas · 12/18/07 01:08AM

If you're worth $20 billion, I guess you can't just go on a vacation. Even if you just got married. Larry Page and new bride Lucy Southworth headed down to Argentina after their Necker Island wedding last weekend — and Larry promptly met with Argentina's recently elected president Cristina Kirchner. Kirchner bragged about her country's software industry and Larry thumped his chest about alternative energy. Muy romantico. At least Larry continued to rock the urban mullet. Now go on your frigging honeymoon, okay? (Photo by

Bulldog pup photo shortage rocks Silicon Valley

Paul Boutin · 12/14/07 08:31PM

You know, I'm perfectly fine with funtrepreneur-in-residence Jason Calacanis telling us to "please die." I'm totally OK when Calacanis emails me "Subject: Idiot," because I can take a joke, especially when it's true. But dammit, Janet, Calacanis has stopped posting pics of his puppies. Valleywag has been forced to outsource to Professor Chips (above), winner of last year's Babies vs Puppies showdown. After a week where the big stories were Larry Page planting one on new bride Lucy Southworth, Heidi Roizen singing her thighs thin, Google ripping off AOL — AOL? — the Times poaching yours truly, and Megan "Leggy" McCarthy leaving Valleywag for Wired, we could all use some face-blurpy time.

Olga chases Larry and Lucy's guests off the islands

Owen Thomas · 12/11/07 10:17AM

No wind, no rain could stop Larry Page and Lucy Southworth's wedding on Necker Island this weekend. During the ceremony itself, Valleywag's exclusive photo showed clear skies, if rough seas. Virgin Gorda, the large island where the Google founder and his Stanford-Ph.D. bride held a reception afterwards at Little Dix Bay, hosted a large fleet of private jets over the weekend — all gone by now, according to our operatives.

The kiss

Owen Thomas · 12/11/07 07:38AM

From a helpful tipster, the first-ever photo from the wedding ceremony of Larry Page and Lucy Southworth. The groom wore a white buttondown shirt, untucked; the bride, a cream strapless number, with her hair loose. Pics or it didn't happen, eh? After the jump, visual confirmation that Sir Richard Branson was the Google cofounder's best man.

Gale-force winds bear down on Googler's wedding

Owen Thomas · 12/10/07 02:42PM

In the neutral parlance of stormtrackers, the pattern of rain and winds now hitting the British Virgin Islands is just a "tropical disturbance." But I have to think Google cofounder Larry Page, who married Lucy Southworth yesterday on Richard Branson's Necker Island, is more than disturbed by it. Gale-force winds and heavy rains will make it difficult if not impossible to shuttle from island to island, and conditions may be unsafe for helicopters and small private jets to take off. Hundreds of celebrity guests and top Google executives may well be stranded.

Stormy start to Larry and Lucy's marriage

Owen Thomas · 12/09/07 09:56PM

So how are Mr. and Mrs. Larry Page faring? The coconut telegraph linking Valleywag's Virgin Islands correspondents with headquarters in San Francisco is down. Our sources who promised us an inside look at Larry Page's wedding to Lucy Southworth, believed to be taking place right now on Richard Branson's Necker Island, have been silent since this morning. And now I think I know why: What may be a tropical storm system is forming northeast of the archipelago. After the jump, a shot taken today by a Valleywag informant showing the extremely windy conditions there.

Larry and Lucy didn't get married Saturday

Owen Thomas · 12/09/07 12:46PM

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the British Virgin Islands, as you can see from this sunset snap submitted to us. And strangely quiet. That's because, we hear from a source working the festivities, Larry Page and Lucy Southworth didn't get married.

I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Larry Page

Owen Thomas · 12/09/07 12:34AM

If rumors are correct, Larry Page and Lucy Southworth should be married by now. One hopes that they're back to a suite on Richard Branson's Necker Island resort, recapping their mile-high makeout session from last year. Update: Or not! The latest rumor from the coconut telegraph: The wedding is Sunday, not Saturday. One hopes the future Pages are practicing for tomorrow, at any rate.

"Webgemeinde baffles" at Googler wedding

Owen Thomas · 12/08/07 07:58PM

Back when we had party correspondent Megan McCarthy to kick around, I made a point of assigning her all interviews with the German press. But now Leggy's headed to Wired, so when Der Spiegel called to interview me about Larry and Lucy's wedding, I had to handle it myself. And I think I acquitted myself pretty well. I think. The Google translation was a little unclear. "Webgemeinde baffles," indeed. Larry, when you get back, could you get someone working on this?

Page's pissoir palatial, portable

Owen Thomas · 12/08/07 07:39PM

At last, intimate details of Google cofounder Larry Page's wedding today are drifting in. How intimate? Well, let's put its this way: We know where Page is going to do his business. Seems the multibillionaire won't settle for a mere Porta-Potty. No, according to a source on the scene, he's contracted with Royal Restrooms to provide a "Regal Portable Restroom Experience." After the jump, a shot of the Googler's toilets.

Clinton spokesman denies Googler wedding rumor

Owen Thomas · 12/08/07 02:01PM

Phil Singer, a spokesman for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, says neither she nor Bill will be at Larry Page and Lucy Southworth's wedding being held today on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. That's a shame. Richard Branson's Caribbean getaway is a lot warmer than Iowa, HIllary. And there are worse places to hit people up for campaign donations. Maybe she's just trying to avoid a photo op with the Bushes?

Leo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp rumored guests at Google wedding

Megan McCarthy · 12/07/07 07:40PM

We're getting more reports from the scene of this weekend's wedding between gummy Google cofounder Larry Page and yummy Stanford Ph.D. Lucy Southworth. Above, another picture of the wedding tent (click for a bigger version.) Is that an alt-energy windmill on the hill? How eco-conscious! After the jump, a vacationing tipster sends us more details of the goings-on in the Virgin Islands, including a rundown on rumored Hollywood guests.