Benghazi Truther Lindsey Graham Tied to Botched 60 Minutes Report

J.K. Trotter · 05/05/14 11:45AM

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is one of the loudest voices of the Republican Party’s Benghazi conspiracy faction. According to Joe Hagan of New York magazine, Graham’s commitment to circulating rumors about the incident prompted 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan to consult the senator on what really happened during the September 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. It didn’t go so well.

It’s Time For 60 Minutes to Die

J.K. Trotter · 12/17/13 04:38PM

60 Minutes, CBS News’ hour-long Sunday newsmagazine, had a good run during its 45 year history, during which its target cohort had kids and retired to Florida. But as the last month indicates—Benghazi! Amazon drones! NSA!—it’s time for the glossy production to clean house. Or, more likely, die.

Lara Logan and Producer Are Put on Leave Over Busted Benghazi Story

Adam Weinstein · 11/26/13 02:10PM

60 Minutes reporter Lara Logan and producer Max McClellan were sent on a leave of absence after CBS finished investigating the pair's now-discredited report on the Benghazi attacks. "The 60 MINUTES journalistic review is concluded, and we are implementing ongoing changes based on its results," a spokesman told Gawker.

SNL Brilliantly Skewers Rob Ford and 60 Minutes

Gabrielle Bluestone · 11/17/13 04:15PM

Every so often, a beautiful sort of kismet occurs on Saturday Night Live, when a public figure goes off the rails and an SNL comic is perfectly positioned to mock them mercilessly. It happened for Will Ferrell with George Bush and Tina Fey with Sarah Palin. Now it's Bobby Moynihan's turn — and the man was born to play Rob Ford.

CBS Retracts Bombshell Benghazi Report Over Lying Source

J.K. Trotter · 11/08/13 12:22PM

Today CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes retracted its bombshell report about security failures during the September 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. The embarrassing retraction, announced on CBS This Morning by Lara Logan, came nearly a week after The Washington Post challenged the veracity of one of 60 Minutes’ sources, a security contractor named Dylan Davies, and hours after the New York Times revealed that Davies supplied FBI investigators with a very different story.

Lara Logan: 'They Raped Me With Their Hands'

Hamilton Nolan · 04/28/11 03:25PM

In February, CBS abruptly announced that its correspondent Lara Logan "suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating" in Cairo while covering the Egyptian revolution. It was odd to make a such a strong, vague statement; it got everyone's attention, but nobody knew what it really meant.

Government Officials Join the Protesters in Egypt

John Cook · 02/04/11 12:59PM

Re-energized protesters kept up the pressure on Hosni Mubarak in the 11th day of massive demonstrations across Egypt today. The violence of the past two days seems to have abated, and prominent government figures have taken to the streets.

The Sexual Lives of News Anchors: A Guide

Maureen O'Connor · 02/23/10 05:56AM

Jeff Toobin's fetish is too-hot-to-print. Outing Anderson is a national pastime and Barbara Walters has more sex than you do. If gravitas, hairspray, and that thousand-mile teleprompter gaze are your thing, here's your dossier for meth-smoking, anal-fisting, camera-loving news anchors.

The Bush Book, Matthews' Future, Pay Cuts at the Voice

cityfile · 01/06/09 12:21PM

• Laura Bush either received $1.5 million for her memoir or $3.5-5 million, depending on who you believe. Either way, it's a lot less than Hillary Clinton's $8 million advance for Living History. [NYP, WSJ]
• Chris Matthews is not running for Senate, according to his brother. [P'ticker]
• A new buyer has emerged for TV Guide. The movie studio Lionsgate is picking up the cable network and website for $255 million. [AP]
• Senior Village Voice staffers are taking 10-15 percent pay cuts. [DW]
• Another reason kids can't find Iraq on a map: Foreign-related news coverage by the three major networks fell to a record low during 2008. [IPS]
• Those ads on the front-page of the Times run $75K on weekdays. [NYP]
• Ogilvy & Mather is cutting 10 percent of its staff today. [AdAge]
• CBS's Lara Logan gave birth to a son. [FBDC]

The Best (and Worst) Sex Scandals of 2008

Ryan Tate · 12/24/08 03:00PM

Amid 2008's many sex scandals, it was a miracle there was any time left to monitor an epochal presidential election. There were many genuine, dirty affairs — and some duds inevitably got overhyped.

Jennifer Aniston Speaks, Madonna's 'Broken Home'

cityfile · 11/12/08 06:58AM

♦ Jennifer Aniston is finally speaking out about her breakup with Brad Pitt. In the December issue of Vogue, she says what Angelina Jolie did was "really uncool," and that she had no idea that Brad had cheated on her until she read about it afterwards. [MSNBC, NYP]
♦ The security guard who roughed-up Brad Pitt at the premiere of his own movie on Monday night says he was only trying to protect Brad by helping him get away from a pack of aggressive photographers. [ET, NYP]
♦ Madonna is supposedly considering a career as a movie director so she can "rival" her ex, Guy Ritchie, at least according to her nutty brother Christopher Ciccone. She should have more time to pursue a directing career if she chooses to: Officials in Malawi have said she can "forget" about adopting another baby as long as she plans to bring it into a "broken home." [The Sun, MSNBC]
♦ Billy Ray Cyrus says he is trying to get Malia and Sasha Obama to appear in an episode of Hannah Montana. [NYDN]