50 Years After the Riots, Watts Projects and LAPD Learn to Co-Exist

Leighton Woodhouse · 08/11/15 11:31AM

At a recent staff meeting at the Southeast Division station of the Los Angeles Police Department, Ryan Whiteman, a tall, barrel-chested sergeant, ran down the mid-year crime stats for Jordan Downs, a public housing development in the Watts neighborhood of South L.A.. Jordan Downs is home to some of the most destitute families in Los Angeles County. “Five generations of abject poverty,” is how civil rights attorney Connie Rice described the 700-unit complex, which looks like a cross between a tenement and a dilapidated army barracks. “It’s Third World America.”

Jury Finds LAPD Officer Guilty of Assault Captured on Video

Brendan O'Connor · 06/06/15 02:45PM

On Friday, a jury in Los Angeles found Officer Mary O’Callaghan guilty of assault under color of authority, the Los Angeles Times reports. Video shows O’Callaghan slapping and kicking the handcuffed Alesia Thomas, who lost consciousness and died soon after, in the back of her squad car. O’Callaghan was not charged in Thomas’ death.

Hamilton Nolan · 08/01/14 08:06AM

The LAPD is searching for a shotgun that fell off a police motorcycle yesterday. If you find it, just pick it up, approach the nearest LAPD officer, and see how that goes.

Hamilton Nolan · 12/04/13 01:44PM

"Fewer people are applying to join the LAPD and, of those who do, a significantly higher number of them are being disqualified from consideration." Let's just agree to interpret this as a positive development.