Medical Journal Calls Anti-Vaccination Study an 'Elaborate Fraud'

Max Read · 01/06/11 01:06AM

A 1998 study in the Lancet medical journal claiming a link between vaccines and autism was retracted last year for being scientifically unsound. But a new investigation claims the study wasn't just wrong—it was also an "elaborate fraud."

Mass Arsenic Exposure from Bangladesh's Drinking Water

Jeff Neumann · 06/19/10 02:33PM

In Bangladesh, a country of 160 million, some 77 million people have been poisoned by arsenic in the drinking water, according to a 10-year Lancet study. The WHO calls it "the largest mass poisoning of a population in history." [BBC]

The Test That Will Make Hypochondriacs Even Crazier

Jeff Neumann · 04/30/10 06:19AM

It would be nice to know your chances of getting cancer, diabetes, or heart disease later in life, right? Soon, for around $1,000, you can, with your very own genome test. Sounds like fun!