Michael Jackson, Gandhi, Real Housewives Star in Lady Gaga "Film"

Dayna Evans · 03/23/14 10:45AM

Lady Gaga's latest dalliance in directing clocks in at seven minutes of dancing and grinding and Kanye West-style sacrificial bird-fallen-to-earth mythology, plus five minutes of rolling credits. Michael Jackson gets resuscitated. And Gandhi, too!

Lady Gaga's Charity Donated Just $5,000 of Its $2.1 Million

Rich Juzwiak · 03/12/14 03:30PM

News has emerged that Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation could be a mere vanity project. Have you ever? Can you even? (No, you can't. You either already tweeted or are just about to tweet, "I can't with this," about this.) We all can collectively gasp while secretly saying, "Yaaaaaas," in our heads regarding Gaga's latest endeavor in hot messery.

Lacey Donohue · 11/12/13 09:30PM

Not to be outdone by Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga admitted in a radio interview that she used to smoke 15-20 joints a day to self-medicate for a hip injury. And while Gaga believes weed "is the best of drugs" to choose from, she also wants young kids to know they "actually can become addicted to it."

​Lady Gaga Debuts Her Beautiful New Flying Dress

Lacey Donohue · 11/10/13 11:29PM

[During her ARTPOP album release and artRave event at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Sunday, Lady Gaga demonstrated the Volantis transport prototype "flying dress." "Although she is a vehicle," she said of the dress, "she is essentially a metaphor for me." Photo by Evan Agostini via AP]

Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Could Never Live Up to Its Name

Rich Juzwiak · 11/08/13 02:30PM

The words "pop" and "art" can be confusing. We use "pop" to describe a piece of music from within and without—it can speak to music's genre, its sensibility, and the reaction to it, sometimes simultaneously. When we use the label "art" to describe what's already evidently art—music, for example—we do it as a way of describing a particular expressiveness or originality or difficulty. We use it to distinguish "artful" art.

Here's Lady Gaga Supposedly Talking Shit on Azealia Banks

Rich Juzwiak · 09/09/13 01:06PM

Earlier today, Lady Gaga graced the stage of Good Morning America to perform a Wizard of Oz-styled spin on "Applause," complete with several costume changes. (This era, she's really intent on wowing us with how many times she can change her costumes in one song, and I will admit that it is a nice distraction from the actual song.) During some down time, she supposedly talked to her attending "Little Monsters" about part-time rapper, full-time Twitter troll Azealia Banks. Banks was once rumored to appear on Gaga's upcoming ARTPOP album. Banks also recently attacked Gaga on Twitter for adopting and advocating a mermaid-inspired style, as Banks has also done. "Hey! No fair! You stole my mermaid style!" is an argument an actual 22-year-old woman made to another grown woman.

Katy Perry Beats Lady Gaga In Least Exciting Charts Battle Ever

Rich Juzwiak · 08/21/13 01:50PM

Last week, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga released the first singles of their respective upcoming albums, Prism and (my fingers groan a little bit louder with old age every time I type this) ARTPOP. The ensuing battle to the top of the charts was like a taste test between a Saltine and a Saltine piled with sprinkles, truffle oil, caviar, gold flakes, Madonna's post-True Blue eyebrow pluckings, and lead paint chips from the walls of Andy Warhol's Factory. Both songs are meta-noise — Perry's reggae-lite "Roar" is about working up the nerve to cause a ruckus ("I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR"), while Gaga's aggressively ugly "Applause" is about having the nerve to declare how life-affirming ruckus directed at you can be ("I live for the applause, applause, applause"). If you play "Roar" and "Applause" simultaneously on stereos facing each other, the songs solve each other while opening up a black hole of infinite vacuousness.

Here Is Lady Gaga's Artful and Artistic Video for ARTPOP's "Applause"

Rich Juzwiak · 08/19/13 08:50AM

After today's Good Morning America premiere of her music video for "Applause," the real hero of cosplay, Lady Gaga, told George Stephanopoulos, "I really felt like I could be myself in this video." In it, she plays over half a dozen characters including a jester, an apparent emulation of Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, and a swan with a Gaga head.

What Is Lady Gaga's Big, Damaging Secret?

Rich Juzwiak · 08/05/13 01:20PM

TMZ reports that a judge has granted the request of fine/foine artist Lady Gaga to seal documents in a court case between her former boyfriend and producer Rob Fusari and former friend Wendy Starland. Here is the elliptical way in which TMZ fills in the details:

Rich Juzwiak · 07/29/13 09:01AM

Lady Gaga on her upcoming single, "Applause": "...What I’m saying in the song essentially is that I live for the applause. I live for the way you cheer and scream for me. Give me that thing that I love. Put your hands up, make them touch." I never would have guessed.

A Diva Takes Her Time

Rich Juzwiak · 07/12/13 05:43PM

Multi-genre dance producer Diplo's typically loose lips have suggested that Beyoncé has scrapped work she's done on her upcoming album, the creation of which she's been talking about forever (or at least, since January). "Fuckin' thing sucks!" is how I like to imagine King Bey regarding this rejected body of work, but the truth is that she's probably just nodding and grinning serenely about it.