All New Jobs Will Celebrate Labor Day By Laboring On Labor Day

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 09/02/13 01:05PM

Labor Day, an opportunity for the working class to momentarily kick off those economic shackles and spend the day with their family, barbecuing and enjoying the privileges normally reserved for the leisure class. Or, at least, it used to be.

Labor Day Is a Scam To Keep You Poor and Miserable Forever

Ken Layne · 08/30/13 02:09PM

Labor Day is a complete rip-off. Labor isn't celebrated at all—instead, a single day's break from labor is celebrated. You might think this is a stupid thing to care about, because Labor Day is really just about getting drunk in your yard, again. But that's actually evidence of this very successful con job pulled on you, the American worker (or unemployed person, or discouraged worker, or "grad student"). You probably don't even believe in Labor Day.

Get Out of Town

Brian Moylan · 09/03/10 04:15PM

[Some 34 million Americans are driving somewhere fabulous for the weekend. Actually they're probably stuck in a traffic jam like this one in Oakland. Enjoy the long weekend, folks. Try not to spend it all in the car. Image: Getty]

For The Workforce!

Foster Kamer · 09/06/09 09:05PM

True story: tomorrow's my fifth day off in 133 days, since starting this gig on May 9th! As such, Gawker's going dark. Kidding! But we are going dark in honor of the workforce. Enjoy Labor Day. We'll see you Tuesday.