Antiviral: Here's What's Bullshit on the Internet This Week

Adrienne LaFrance · 03/21/14 01:35PM

Is it just me, or did the internet seem extra hoaxy this week? It's not just me: Wayne Knight is not dead, this woman was not rescued from a desert island by Google Maps, and the world's most exclusive restaurant isn't really. Let's get right to it.

Paul McCartney Fronting Nirvana Is the Second-Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Nirvana Fans

Kate Bennert · 12/12/12 06:00PM

Not since 1994—the year Kurt Cobain committed suicide—have Nirvana fans experienced the amount of tragedy that Paul McCartney is about to cause by appearing on stage tonight with "Dave Grohl and Friends," AKA the remaining members of Nirvana. The news broke this morning when The Sun reported that McCartney was not only too British to know who Nirvana was, but also too old to remember who he was sharing the stage with:

Courtney Love Goes Ballistic at Sight of Cobain Picture

James Apsimon · 11/15/11 11:28AM

Courtney Love's band Hole was in the middle of a performance at the SWU Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday when she saw someone in the crowd holding up a photo of her late husband Kurt Cobain. That's a no-no. She lost it.

Courtney Love Wants to Kill Kurt Cobain Again After She Has Sex With Him Again

Leah Beckmann · 10/05/11 11:42PM

For perpetually calm and collected Courtney Love, it seems that time does not heal all wounds. She's still seething over Kurt Cobain's suicide. She's so enraged, in fact, that if Kurt should somehow rise from the beyond, she says she'd kill him again. And not only that! She also says she'd make sure to have sex with him one more time before finishing him off.

Miley Cyrus Performs Nirvana Song, Hell Officially Frozen

Maureen O'Connor · 05/02/11 03:30PM

File this under "the medium is the message": At a teeny-bop concert in Ecuador, Miley Cyrus performed the world's most incongruous rendition of Nirvana anthem "Smells Like Teen Spirit." I say this as someone who once witnessed a violin-flute duo called Nerdvana at an Illinois summer camp talent show in the '90s.

Courtney Love Wants to Snort Kurt Cobain's Ashes

Maureen O'Connor · 03/16/11 10:23AM

Courtney Love offers to "take a metal straw" to Kurt Cobain's remains. Charlie Sheen enters the t-shirt business. Gilbert Gottfried regrets his tsunami jokes. Joe Jonas swears he's not gay. Wednesday gossip communes with the beyond.