Watch Kristen Wiig Bid An Emotional Adieu to Saturday Night Live

Matt Toder · 05/20/12 07:15AM

It had been rumored for a few months that several key cast members would be departing SNL at the end of the season and last night, the season finale, confirmed that Kristin Wiig will definitely be leaving the show. Here is her goodbye.

Last Night's SNL: Paula Deen and Stefon Stop By 'Weekend Update'

Matt Toder · 03/11/12 10:54AM

On last night's Saturday Night Live, Paula Deen stopped by the Weekend Update desk to explain all the allegations against her, including hiding her diabetes, mismanagement of her restaurant and her use of the N word: nutrition.

Kristin Wiig Stops By Portlandia To Take Fred and Carrie Hostage

Matt Toder · 02/11/12 01:38AM

Sometimes Portlandia delivers biting social satire of about how lame it is to be cool and sometimes it serves up something a little more absurd. On tonight's episode, Fred and Carrie discover that the key to music stardom is including a cat in their band, which leads to them being taken hostage by guest star Kristin Wiig.

Kristen Wiig on The Autobiography of Suzanne Somers

Zach Mack · 02/10/10 09:00PM

Dramatic readings are usually hilarious and have long been a go-to comedy tool: they've even kept William Shatner relevant to this day. Here, Kristen Wiig regales us with the sexy life story of Suzanne Somers.

Study: Television Is Not Even Close to Dead

Adrian Chen · 12/08/09 01:12AM

There will be a time when everyone gets their entertainment through cortex-implanted microchips. But for now, people are still watching a lot of "traditional" (i.e. not Hulu) television. According to a Nielsen study, 99% of video viewing is via TV.