Happy Birthday

cityfile · 06/05/09 06:41AM

Suze Orman turns 58 today. Billionaire financier Pete Peterson is turning 83. Teen Vogue editor Amy Astley is 42. Post columnist Andrea Peyser is turning 50. Journalist Bill Moyers is 75. Mark Wahlberg is turning 38. Pete Wentz is 30. Author Chuck Klosterman is 37. Comedian Jeff Garlin is 46. Laurie Anderson, the musician and wife of Lou Reed, is 62. Actor Ron Livingston is turning 42. Art advisor Kim Heirston turns 46. Housing Works president Charles King is 50. Kristin Gore, the author and daughter of Al Gore, turns 32. Movie producer Kathleen Kennedy is 56. And Kenny G celebrates his 53rd birthday today. Weekend birthdays below:

What Rosie O'Donnell Wants To Do To The Donald

Emily Gould · 07/11/07 07:52AM
  • Rosie O'Donnell had the last word on her View nemeses during a standup act on her cruise ship. Regarding Donald Trump—she would like to "break into his apartment and rub her belly all over him." Ha, awesome. [Us Weekly]

Kristin Gore Patiently Explains Fiction To 'WaPo' Book Review

Emily Gould · 07/10/07 11:47AM

Sammy's House author Kristin Gore is a smart cookie. The people at the Washington Post Book Review? Not so much so. Reviewing Tipper and Al's gal's second novel, Patrick Anderson writes that it "can only be read as an angry, down-and-dirty roman à clef in which President Wye and Vice President Gary stand in for President Clinton and Vice President Gore." Responds Kristin: "It would be difficult for this to be less true." Oh it is ON.