Kristin Davis Adopts a Baby and Other Family Issues

Max Read · 10/08/11 11:08AM

Kirstin Davis adopts a baby. Cary Grant "force-feeds" his ex-wife LSD. Paul McCartney is getting married, again. And Patricia Arquette has a cyber-stalker. Saturday gossip is ready to become a German citizen.

Kristin Davis Is a Star Again

Richard Lawson · 10/05/11 05:15PM

Charlotte York MacDougal Goldenblatt herself has the lead in a new TV movie. Also today: The Biggest Loseer loses, 2 Broke Girls are rich, Julia Stiles gets a plum role, and Lizzy Caplan shows up.

Tareq Salahi's Advice to Married Men: 'Stay Away from Journey'

Maureen O'Connor · 09/27/11 10:23AM

Tareq blames everything on Journey, then nuzzles a whoremonger and poses sexily in bed. Naomi Campbell blames her bad personality on abandonment issues. Kate Middleton spends four hours doing her hair. A male TV actor comes out of the closet. Tuesday gossip stopped believin' years ago.

Two Versions of Heidi Montag In One Terrible Sex Tape

Adrian Chen · 08/21/10 09:29AM

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's Sex Tape Will Feature pre- and post-op Heidi. Lindsay Lohan can't exercise. Real Housewives of New Jersey blow-up! Saturday Gossip Round-up is part of the problem.

Stars at the Super Bowl; JWoww's Expansion Plans

cityfile · 02/08/10 08:13AM

• Lots of celebs turned out for the Super Bowl in Miami. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were there (and were spotted "kissing, hugging and laughing," so if you were worried that they'd broken up, you can rest easy). Also on hand was Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (who were chased by photographers), Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, and John Travolta, who couldn't even be bothered to stay for the entire game. [DM, The Sun, Popeater]

• Is the cast of Jersey Shore getting a little overexposed? Just a little! MTV is now looking to clamp down on their efforts to "pimp themselves" at bars and colleges around the country and has informed them that they're each limited to two appearances a week and need permission from the network before accepting any gigs. [P6, NYDN]

• In other Jersey Shore news, Jenni "JWoww" Farley is planning to "enhance" her ginormous fake boobs "as soon as possible to be ready for the new season," you'll be pleased to hear. [P6]

Is the Daily News in Bed with Madam Kristin Davis?

cityfile · 12/17/09 11:30AM

On Tuesday, the New York Daily News took the New York Post to task over its new "sex, love and relationship" columnist Ashley Dupre, calling the ex-hooker's advice "useless" and bemoaning the fact Post editors have insisted on giving Dupre a "16th minute of fame." But the Daily News is a friend to publicity-seeking former sex workers, too! Look no further than Kristin Davis, the madam who claims she provided escorts to former Gov. Eliot Spitzer. Over the past 11 months, the News has mentioned Davis in no fewer than 16 articles, many of which link to her website and plug her self-published paperback book. (Just yesterday, she earned a mention when the Daily News' Gatecrasher column interviewed Davis about her plans to run against Spitzer for state comptroller in the event he decides to run himself.) It's almost like the paper has Davis on speed dial, doesn't it?

Elin Moves Out; Kate Hudson Keeps Her Head Up

cityfile · 12/16/09 08:02AM

• A "bone-thin" Elin Nordegren moved a big bunch of belongings out of the Florida mansion she shares (shared?) with Tiger Woods yesterday; she's supposedly headed "somewhere warm" for Christmas. As for Tiger, it seems he's going to spend Christmas with "the boys." Maybe Rachel Uchitel will stop by for a visit? According to tabloid reports, Tiger is still in contact with Mistress No. 1, and is hoping to squeeze a little time to get together. [NYP, NYDN, People, Us]
• Lindsay Lohan may have to put off any more trips to rescue exploited children living in Third World countries. A judge has ordered her to start attending her alcohol education program classes "every single week" because, well, "it's been long enough." [Us]
• Why did Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson break up? According to a highly dubious story that one of the slugger's pals has been telling the tabloids, it was because Hudson wanted to be on camera when she sat in the stands at Yankee Stadium, whereas A-Rod really wanted someone "more interested in building a long-term relationship than just building their profile." [Us]
• As for Hudson, she's dealing with the split from A-Rod by spending some quality time with her movie star parents, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Goldie turned up as Kate's date to the Nine premiere last night. [HL, DM]


cityfile · 09/18/09 08:30AM

Jared Leto going for lunch with Moby in SoHo ... Jennifer Hudson leaving her hotel ... Bar Refaeli shopping in SoHo ... Chanel Iman walking in Bryant Park ... Rihanna going to dinner at Philippe with her assistant ... Bill Clinton getting into an SUV after an appearance on the Daily Show ... Suze Orman walking in the street ... Taylor Swift leaving her hotel with her mom ... Leona Lewis walking in SoHo ... India Arie walking by herself ... Alicia Keys getting in an SUV after a night out ... and Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis leaving a trailer on the set of Sex and the City 2.