Kristen Wiig Spills About the MacGruber Movie

Whitney Jefferson · 05/11/10 12:16PM

We hope you're all as excited for this movie as we are. Kristen Wiig was kind enough to shed insight into the filming process and her sex scene with Grubes himself. Bonus: one-second trailers created by Jorma Taccone.

Katherine Heigl to Ruin All the Movies

Richard Lawson · 04/30/10 10:42AM

She aims to ruin every single one. Also today: Kristen Wiig is a movie star! A wonderful television program has been canceled. A new Stephen King TV series is in the works. And an important NCIS update.

Ugly Americans: What's Blood Got to Do With It?

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 04/22/10 11:47AM

Kristen Wiig guest-starred in a Twilight tale of vampires, love, and bureaucracy. Lt. Grimes' daughter fell for a bloodsucker, but neither father nor state would stand for inter-species romance—at least not until the couple completed the requisite seminars.

SNL Mocks Steve Jobs, Others in Undercover Boss Spoof

Matt Cherette · 02/28/10 01:41PM

Tonight's episode of SNL was a bore until this: a hilarious, celebrity-centric spoof of CBS' Undercover Boss that featured Steve Jobs as a trash man (you know where this is going), Richard Branson, Martha Stewart and more. Video inside.

We Fully Support the Betty White Resurgence Movement

Brian Moylan · 02/10/10 12:58PM

Betty White, 88, is having a moment. She has movie roles, a Facebook campaign, and a popular ad when most actresses her age only have cataracts. Why do we support this comeback? Because it is free of irony and nostalgia.

SNL's Rahm Emanuel Obliterates Sarah Palin

Matt Cherette · 02/07/10 01:00AM

It seemed SNL was all about politics tonight, from the opening Fox News parody to a second Don't Ask, Don't Tell discussion in a View sketch. But it was Andy Samberg's obscenity-laden impersonation of Rahm Emanuel that stole the show.

Democratic Leaders Fantasize about Scott Brown in Hilarious SNL Parody

Matt Cherette · 01/31/10 12:32AM

Here's something unusual: SNL is actually funny tonight! And with Jon Hamm as host, of course there had to be something about newly-elected senator Scott Brown. According to (Kristen Wiig as) Nancy Pelosi, "Mama like!" Do you? Update: Brown responds.

The MacGruber Trailer Looks Great, Full Movie Will MacSucker

Mike Byhoff · 01/19/10 01:32PM

Following hot on the heels of explosive blockbusters The Lady's Man and Superstar, SNL takes another stab at it with the sketch-to-movie adaptation of MacGruber. One thing is for sure: the trailer will be the best thing about this movie.

The MacGruber Trailer Shockingly Doesn't Suck

Brian Moylan · 01/19/10 01:08PM

The Saturday-Night-Live-skit-to-movie transition is a dicey proposition, but a MacGruber movie seemed an especially horrible idea. Then we actually laughed at the trailer! Fashioning three minutes of funny from two hours of unfunny isn't that hard, so we're not fully sold.

The Week the New York Times Bought Everyone Out

Brian Moylan · 12/11/09 06:26PM

Even all of your favorite bloggers have taken sweet, sweet Sulzberger severance deals and will no longer be working after 6pm today. Luckily fictional freelancer Betsey Morgenstern was skulking around looking for something to do. She had quite the week!

A Salute to Every Hilarious Kristen Wiig Character — Except Gilly

Brian Moylan · 12/08/09 04:02PM

Kristen Wiig is a comic genius. So our hearts went pitter-patter when we learned she was getting an entire Saturday Night Live primetime Christmas special. But then: of course the NBC suits picked her most annoying, only unfunny character.

NBC Announces a Very Gilly Christmas Special

Whitney Jefferson · 12/08/09 11:02AM

What? Uh-huh? Shorry! SNL has decided to feature Kristen Wiig's break-out character Gilly for a Christmas special airing December 17th. The show will feature new Gilly sketches as well as some of their best holiday clips from over the years.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/21/09 06:51AM

Kim Cattrall turns 53 today. Kelis is turning 30. Heroes star Hayden Panettiere is turning 20. Google co-founder Sergei Brin is 36. Steve Case, the co-founder of AOL, is turning 51. CBS Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith turns 58. Randy Mastro, a former deputy mayor and now a lawyer, is 53. Actress Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix, Memento) is turning 42. Country music legend Kenny Rogers is 71. C-list reality TV star Brody Jenner is turning 26. And Long Island's very own Amy Fisher turns 35 today. Weekend birthdays below!

John Legend Buys Downtown

cityfile · 08/07/09 07:24AM

• John Legend has picked up a new apartment in the East Village. The Grammy-winning singer—who is still looking to unload his former pad on East 3rd Street—has reportedly gone into contract to buy a one-bedroom condo at 52 East 4th Street, where Moby owns an apartment, too. [WSJ]
SNL's Kristen Wiig has paid $1.5 million for a director Alan Taylor's SoHo apartment. The loft at 476 Broadway had been listed for $1.75 million. [NYO]