Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader Mock Newscaster Who Didn't See Their Film

Kelly Conaboy · 09/28/14 12:32PM

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are making the promo rounds for their new film The Skeleton Twins, which recently brought them in front of Denver entertainment reporter Chris Parente. Though he gave it his best shot, poor old Parente just could not pull off pretending he'd actually seen the movie.

Maggie Lange · 05/02/13 04:42PM

Here's a trailer for Kristen Wiig's new movie Girl Most Likely. It's like the depressing third quarter of Bridesmaids, but Annette Bening is her mother and Matt Dillon is her mother's boyfriend. And Darren Criss (Darren Criss? Darren Criss in eyeliner?) has a crush on her.

Caity Weaver · 04/26/13 03:42PM

Wow, Kristen Wiig is coming back to SNL! (To host it.) Try this classic "gotcha!" style of news delivery on all your friends.

Caity Weaver · 02/20/13 06:30PM

Kristen Wiig will appear in the new season of Arrested Development as a young Lucille Bluth. Lindsay-chops for dinner!

There's Going to Be a Bridesmaids Sequel Without Kristen Wiig?

Brian Moylan · 01/04/12 02:45PM

There may be another Bridesmaids movie that has nothing to do with Kirstin Wiig. This is like Laverne and Shirley when there was no Shirley! Where can I send my anger? What is the address to send shit stained wedding dresses in protest? It seems Universal is the culprit.

Kim Kardashian Scraps Christmas Cards Featuring Her Wedding Photo

Brian Moylan · 11/22/11 12:11PM

Just like everything else about her nuptials, it seems like Kim Kardashian jumped the gun ordering her holiday cards with her wedding photo on them. Kristen Wiig is hanging out in her undies. Katy Perry is not pregnant. Paz de la Huerta ruined the ending of Boardwalk Empire. Tuesday's gossip has been known to make mistakes.

All the Awesome Jokes Left out of Bridesmaids

Brian Moylan · 05/25/11 05:51PM

If you saw Bridesmaids you probably thought it was hysterical. Well, just think of how much funnier it could have been if they'd included Jon Hamm's dirty sex positions, the descriptions of nasty smells, or the funny lines coming out of a little boy's mouth. Just the rapid fire succession of all these outtakes will make your mind boggle. And you'll probably laugh once or twice, too.

Kristen Wiig's Mother Hates Her SNL Character Gilly

Whitney Jefferson · 03/17/11 10:00AM

After Jimmy Kimmel called Wiig the "Kobe Bryant of SNL," Kristen humbly spoke about the inspirations of her characters. Yes, Target Lady was real woman who worked at the Burbank Target, but Gilly was a creation all her own.

Bridesmaids: Women Can Be Funny Too?

Richard Lawson · 02/01/11 04:23PM

Here's a trailer for the Judd Apatow-produced comedy Bridesmaids, a movie that may finally solve that age-old debate about whether women, the ones with the vaginae, can be funny or not. Judging from this trailer, it looks like they can!

Watch Robert De Niro's SNL Promos with Kristen Wiig

Matt Cherette · 12/02/10 01:37PM

This weekend, SNL will be hosted—for the third time—by Robert De Niro, ahead of this month's release of Little Fockers. Inside, watch all four promos for the episode, featuring Kristen Wiig impersonating (and pissing off!) the legendary actor.

It's On: Kathie Lee Gifford Versus Kristen Wiig

Whitney Jefferson · 05/18/10 05:07PM

Will Forte and Kristen Wiig appeared on Today to promote MacGruber (out Friday!) when Al asked Kristen her thoughts on Kathie Lee. Luckily, she was in the middle of praising KLG when she walked onto the set, martini in hand.