Charlie Sheen Flees the Stage In New York

Adrian Chen · 04/09/11 09:56AM

Saturday gossip round up is here! Charlie Sheen's show takes a dive after some promising developments. Nicole Richie is sick of your pregnancy rumors. Gucci Mane is arrested for throwing a woman out of a car. Let's go.

Natalie Portman Sparks New York Panic

Richard Lawson · 02/08/11 06:29PM

New York is full of actresses right now, some of them relaxing, others working. But all of them, as we've interpreted from these paparazzi photos, are thinking about Ashton Kutcher. First up is Natalie Portman who, while waiting for a cab, remembers what it was like filming No Strings Attached. [Splash]

Not $5,000 Per Hour, More Like $750

Nick Denton · 03/25/08 03:25PM

It's so annoying when inaccurate figures are repeated so often that they become settled data points. A case in point: it's now widely assumed that Eliot Spitzer, the whoremongering Governor of New York, paid $4,300 or even $5,000 for an hour of an escort's time. Wrong! Spitzer did indeed pay $4,300, and he applied a pre-existing credit of some $400, according to the FBI affidavit, making for a total expense of $4,700; but $200 of that was a tip, and $1,500 was on account. So the cost of an individual session with "Kristen"-the girl Spitzer saw in February-was $3,000. Given that the Governor was entitled to four hours, that works out at a more modest $750 per hour-not quite the extravagance that has so colored Spitzer's reputation, and prompted such manufactured shock in the media.

Hooker's Myspace Friend May Have Pissed Her Off

hwalker · 03/16/08 11:15AM

"Mysterious" the Queens rapper who starred in a music video with Ashley Alexandra Dupré, recently appeared on the Today Show and Access Hollywood to "defend" his friend. "Mysterious" told the Today Show gang that he and Ashley are "tight like a family," but Myspace messages sent from "Mysterious" to Dupré last night indicate that Eliot Spitzer's favorite high priced hooker didn't ask him to hit the talk show circuit on her behalf. In fact, it sounds like she might be pretty pissed off about the whole thing. In the message "Mysterious" indicates that he hasn't heard from Ashley in a while despite repeated attempts to get in touch. He also tells Ashley: "i hope you feel we helped you more then hurt you in speaking out." Wow, apparently sometimes media whores do feel dirty afterwards.

New York 'Post' Has Best Week Ever

Pareene · 03/14/08 05:09PM

From moral outrage to "here is a picture of a topless hooker" in three days. Kudos, New York Post. A grateful nation salutes you.

'Kristen' In Girl-Near-Girl Video Action

Nick Denton · 03/14/08 01:35PM

High-class prostitutes are no different than any other women trying to get male attention. Here's Ashley Alexandra Dupré, the 22-year-old hooker who slept with Eliot Spitzer, putting on a free girl-on-girl dance show in a restaurant a few months ago. Ashley, known to the New York Governor and other clients as Kristen, is the girl on the left. Thanks, N, for the cameraphone clip. (Incidentally, this is a sign of a new era in trashy journalism. Ashley has left a much wider trail, in web pages, amateur music, and video footage, than characters in the sex scandals of earlier decades.)

Call Girl Will Probably Get Rich While The Wife Gets Blamed

Ryan Tate · 03/13/08 09:00PM

In America, when two adults have consensual sex, and the circumstances are just right, they give birth to a vibrant media subeconomy, and this is the continuing miracle of the story of disgraced Gov. Eliot Spitzer and admired prostitute Ashley Kristen Alexandra Nina Vanetta DiPietro Dupre. There is money, attention and even political opportunity swirling around Dupre, so of course Mayor Michael Bloomberg is on the scene, along with Laura Schlessinger. Here is a roundup of all the new and exciting things about "that whore chick:"

Is Ashley Dupre 32?

Pareene · 03/13/08 06:32PM

New York reports that "two separate public identification records reveal that the only Ashley Youmans (the real name of "Kristen," a.k.a Ashley Alexandra Dupré) from the Jersey Shore (or anywhere in New Jersey) is actually 32." As we briefly mentioned earlier, we got an email yesterday that said, without supporting evidence, that "Ashley is 32 not 22." One of the reasons we didn't alert everyone to this fact was that all her old high school classmates quoted in the Daily News and the Post were between 22 and 23. Was she held back ten years or does everyone in Jersey lie about their age? Also, her mom made a point of saying Dupre wasn't 32 (or 42). Is that suspicious? It is a mystery! [NYM]

America's Sweet-tart: All About Ashley Alexandra Dupre

Pareene · 03/13/08 10:40AM

Yesterday evening, we all met "Kristen", the adorable whore who accidentally destroyed the career of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Her (non-whoring, show biz) name: Ashley Alexandra Dupre. The New York Times tracked her down and even linked to her (still live, amazingly) MySpace page, so everyone in America immediately listened to her demo (she wants to be an R&B star!) and fell in love. Below, your roundup of internet minutiae and breaking life-destroying news about Ashley "Alexandra Dupre" "Kristen" Youmans-DiPietro. Her neighbors! Her high school photo! Even her new second hot R&B single! All after the jump!

The 'Times' Found 'Kristen'!

Pareene · 03/12/08 05:28PM

The New York Times was the first to track down "Kristen", the high-class prostitute whose two hours with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer ended his career. Her real name: Ashley Youmans, aka Ashley Alexandra Dupre. She's 22, she's from Jersey, and she's newly single. Her MySpace profile is still live, if you'd like to listen to her demo. Or check out her top five! The kind-of insane Times story pretty clearly just went live because they knew their scoop wouldn't last. It summarizes her MySpace bio, quotes her talking about how she saw the Rolling Stones, and criticizes her demo song's "dated slang." And that's about it for news. But still, good show! Ashley's blog entry from Thursday, August 30 is full of awesome advice, so we will reprint it, below.

Is This Kristen, Eliot Spitzer's $3,000-a-session Call-Girl?

Nick Denton · 03/12/08 09:49AM

Take this with a larger than usual dose of skepticism: a screengrab purporting to show the high-class escort hired by New York's Governor last month. The details of the 5'5" girl fit the description in the FBI affidavit which detailed the communication between the Kristen, her agency, and Client 9, the man once considered a future presidential candidate. And the design of the web page is similar to that of other entries on the site (now defunct) advertising the Emperors Club's escorts. But we received the image from a site associated with Michael Caputo, a known agent of state Republicans; his motives are not pure. (Cajunboy, you have a view: is this the girl?)