The Second Coming, A Proud Slut and YouTube Stars: This Week's New Music Summarizes the Whole Year

Rich Juzwiak · 09/19/12 05:00PM

This week, the music industry looks something like Christmas. It's not that the new music releases are gifts, per se (quite the contrary), but there are so damn many high-profile albums after a relatively dormant summer. This kind of flurry is usually reserved for the holidays. And what's more, together they give as full of a picture of the state of label-based pop music in 2012 as any recent concurrent set of albums. Really, all this week is missing is a neo-boy band. Let's explore:

Today's Song: Kreayshawn 'Go Hard (La.La.La)'

Rich Juzwiak · 07/24/12 02:37PM

Like any person with functioning ears, I am inclined to hate Kreayshawn, but with "Go Hard," she's hitting really close to the hypnotic inanity of the entire reason why anyone still talks about her in the first place, her breakout track, "Gucci Gucci."

Meet the Hollywood Hackers Coming For Your Nude Pics

Adrian Chen · 08/29/11 07:21PM

The newest hacker gang isn't after credit card numbers or classified NATO documents. Their game is blockbuster scripts, verified Twitter accounts and nude cell phone snapshots. Harden your passwords, glitterati: Hollywood Leaks will use any means necessary to bust open the entertainment industry.

The Wonderful World of Kreayshawn

Jason Richards · 06/07/11 01:30PM

Without a doubt, this year's earliest contender for song of the summer is "Gucci Gucci" by 21-year-old Oakland artist Kreayshawn. Though no one had heard of her a few months ago, she's now on pace to succeed Ke$ha as the foremost white female rapper in popular music.