What Is Gamergate, and Why? An Explainer for Non-Geeks

Jay Hathaway · 10/10/14 08:20AM

Until recently, you might have lived a life blissfully unaware of the online #Gamergate movement. But last week, computing giant Intel pulled its ads from an independent game-development site thanks to the gaming lobby. Now that major companies are taking sides, it's time to figure it out. Let us be your guides.

Gawker Gift Guide: Kotaku Edition

Adrian Chen · 12/06/13 02:41PM

Merry Christmas. Or not. Whatever winter holiday you celebrate, you probably do it by substituting love and kindness with cheap plastic garbage wrapped in pretty paper. And if you're like us, you find it distracting to put too much thought into what to buy your loved ones. Each year we try to solve that problem by HARNESSING THE AWESOME POWER OF GAWKER MEDIA'S PROPRIETARY PUBLISHING PLATFORM, KINJA, to gather the best gift suggestions the internet has to offer. This year, we've divided the universe of potential gift recipients into readers of our Gawker Media brother and sister sites—I mean, we're all surrounded by Jezebel and Deadspin and Lifehacker types, right? We begin with Kotaku: What should you buy for the nerd gaming person in your life?

PlayStation Network Hackers Have Stolen Personal Data

Remy Stern · 04/26/11 05:10PM

A security breach in the Playstation Network by still unidentified hackers resulted in stolen personal information, Sony confirmed today. Sony says while personal information was likely stolen, they don't believe credit card numbers were involved. [Kotaku]

What Is Japan's Fetish This Week? Glasses

Remy Stern · 04/21/11 09:05PM

In game after game and comic book after comic book, there they are: characters with glasses. And Japan's totally gaga for them. They're embedded into the Japanese subconscious, becoming not only a trope, but an object of desire themselves. [Kotaku]

Do You Want a Dog Killer on Your Copy of Madden 2012?

Remy Stern · 03/22/11 01:18PM

Much has been written about Michael Vick's dog fighting ring. Vick returned to the NFL after serving 23 months in prison. Now he may return to the cover of the most popular football game of all time, Madden NFL. [Kotaku]

Members of Congress Can Now Play Cellphone Games While 'Working'

Jim Newell · 01/05/11 06:58PM

House Republicans have declared victory in the historic battle for Electronic Freedom! They've changed the rules to allow members to use electronic devices in the House chamber — as long as it doesn't "impair decorum," which it probably will.

Dental Patient Under Heavy Anesthesia Simulates Driving Race Car

Christopher Han · 12/26/10 01:51PM

Technically, this qualifies as a DUI. While getting his wisdom teeth removed, this driving fan kicks his imaginary car into overdrive, accompanying his pedal and gear motions with amusing engine sounds. His YouTube username is CarAficionado24.