Now Koch Industries Is Telling Employees Who to Vote For

Taylor Berman · 10/14/12 11:21PM

Just a week after Westgate Resorts CEO David Siegel wrote a partially plagiarized letter threatening to fire employees if they voted for Obama, now comes news that Koch Industries is taking a similar approach by using its position as a major employer to influence elections. According to an In These Times report, the Koch-owned Georgia Pacific sent a packet to its 45,000 employees earlier his month. The packet included a cover letter from Koch Industries President and Chief Operating Officer Dave Robertson which reads, in part:

Pranksters Triumph Over Koch Brothers

Adrian Chen · 05/10/11 01:30PM

Last December, pranksters set up a spoofed website for Koch Industries, America's largest producer of crude evil, and sent out a boring fake press release claiming they were reforming their climate-destroying ways. The super-sensitive billionaire conservative Koch brothers promptly sued them for a bunch of bullshit like "infringement of trademark" and "unfair competition." (Didn't know the Kochs were getting into the spoofing-themselves biz.)

Koch Industries Cannot Buy Decent PR Advice

Hamilton Nolan · 02/14/11 09:52AM

Koch Industries is—and we say this strictly in the spirit of presenting their prevalent public image in an unfiltered manner—an evil mysterious Death Star-like conglomerate controlled by two unimaginably wealthy unaccountable right-wing billionaire brothers, who are evil. The Koch brothers have made news recently for hosting a secret conservative conclave to plot who-knows-what, and for harassing journalists. They're also suing a group of pranksters who issued a fake Koch press release. Today, the NYT gave the company a chance to defend itself in the court of public opinion. Anddddd....