Ambler Man: 8 Tips For Tending to a Glamorous Drug Addict After Hurricane Sandy

A.J. Daulerio · 11/01/12 02:00PM

1. Be ready to explain to your Glamorous Drug Addict that the storm is really bad and that even though it looks like just a little rain, their life will be upended for a significant amount of time. Most Glamorous Drug Addicts usually don't pay attention to these sort of potentially cataclysmic events unless a tree falls on top of them. And, yes, they probably should have closed their windows before they left their apartment, but, no, it's probably not worth driving over the bridge to shut them because most of the other vehicles in the East Village appear to be underwater. Wait for them to process this information and brace for the temporary stress it has caused.

Little Koala Sits in Cage, Waiting to Be Eaten

Seth Abramovitch · 11/02/11 12:37AM

An Australian tourist traveling through southern China stumbled upon a small, furry creature trapped inside a cage labeled "koala." For 139 yuan ($22), the animal could be either "braised or stewed" for dinner — just one of many exotic, live options available for your gustatory pleasure at a restaurant in Panya district, Guangdong.

Koalas are STD-Ridden Beasts

Jeff Neumann · 06/15/11 05:29AM

Scientists are worried that Australia's koalas could become extinct due to a combination of global warming, being hit by cars, being eaten by dogs, and the rampant spread of Chlamydia among the koala community. And now you know.

Lonely Koala Eats an Apple

Madeleine Davies · 01/31/11 01:06PM

Look out, Sad Keanu! This koala could give you a run for your money when it comes to sitting outside and looking bummed out.

Oprah and Gayle Get Groped By Horny Koala Bears

Whitney Jefferson · 01/18/11 04:19PM

Upon arriving in Queensland, Oprah and Gayle's first stop was to see koala bears. This clip begins with the marsupials getting handsy with Oprah's boobs and ends with Gayle and Oprah gawking at two koalas banging in a tree.

Koala Wiggles Its Ears

nightintern · 05/07/10 09:30AM

When this girl tickles this koala its ears can't stop twitching.