Ivanka Trump Accused of Stealing Designs from Actual Fashion Designer

Brian Moylan · 12/22/11 11:05AM

Derek Lam, whose name you might know but whose clothes you can't afford, sent a cease and desist letter to Ivanka Trump because she is selling what appears to be an exact copy of one of Lam's shoe designs. Damn, and Ivanka was always the only Trump we liked.

8 Mile as a Truffaut Film

Hamilton Nolan · 04/10/09 01:57PM

No idea why they went to all this trouble—they spoofed Die Hard and 24 as well—but let's be glad they did, because not much real news is happening on this religion-tainted Friday. [Smooth Originals via Adfreak]

Lauren And Heidi Scrap It Out On The Dance Floor

Maggie · 12/21/07 05:38PM

It continues to be so on between 'Hills' co-stars Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad. When the two ran into each other at a Hollywood hotspot last weekend, some serious gauntlets were thrown down, says US Weekly. Lauren, Audrina and Lo totally had a dance off against Heidi and her peeps, OMG! No word as to who won, but we suspect they couldn't hold a candle to the "Saved by the Bell" kids during that dance-off-at-the-Max episode. [US]