Man and His Machine Make the Ultimate Cosby Sweater

Lauri Apple · 09/27/11 04:26AM

Artist Andrew Salomone has used his hacked knitting machine—an electronic little number that operates similarly to a desktop printer—to create self-portrait face masks, soundwave scarves, and other garments inspired by the Jaclyn Smith Style Collection pop culture and technology. But his piece de resistance is the recursive Bill Cosby sweater, which Salomone (rhymes with "alimony") hopes will one day adorn the real-life, sartorially splendid Bill Cosby. Such an occurrence would not only complete the sweater's pattern but also cause geomagnetic reversal. [YouTube via Buzzfeed]

The Knitted Hitler Should Have Been Stopped At Munich

Michael Weiss · 07/31/08 03:17PM

Well there goes the semiotic neighborhood. Rachel Matthews, a "celebrity knitter," has kicked up quite a kerfuffle in the UK for writing a book on how to knit historical tyrants. She's got Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein and—because to leave him out would have been unthinkable—Adolf Hitler. The ever excitable Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League pulled this sheaf of prefab outrage right off the roll: "To popularize a soft, knit version of Hitler insults the memory of those who died in the Holocaust, the survivors, and those who fought against the Nazis." Not to mention what it does to the image of a pastime beloved by harmless bubbes everywhere. Is it just me or does the Knitler (thank you, I'm here all week) look a little big-hipped and sassy in a "talk to the sieg hail, girlfriend" sorta way? After the jump, knitters united respond: