The Pill-Popper's Guide to the Apocalypse

Matt Harvey · 05/27/10 12:09PM

Oil leaks, terror attacks, earthquakes, volcanic ash: It's no wonder you're feeling antsy, can't sleep, and every time a loud bang goes off your heart starts racing. We asked two psychiatrists which drugs to take best ease the psychic pain.

Klonopin Drug of Choice at Nylon, According to Power Children

Sheila · 10/09/08 09:43AM

Earlier, we called for Brit teen socialite-cokehead and It Child Peaches Geldof's firing, deeming her a menace to society. And then there's her friend, Internet phenomenon Cory Kennedy, famous for, um, being an "Internet It Girl" and dating that Cobrasnake dude? Anyway, when they are not "writing" and "modeling" for Nylon, Peaches is spilling the beans on what drugs certain co-workers at the downtown fashion mag—who might actually have to work!—are usin'.

The Next Drug of the Creative Underclass?

Sheila · 08/12/08 11:43AM

Hey, we've heard anecdotal rumblings and ravings about Klonopin lately. Is it reaching the tipping point as the latest recreational prescription drug? Is it better than Xanax and Valium? Send me your stories. (I'm so on the edge that I can't complain to the doctor about a headache without walking out with a prescription for Xanax. But yesterday I read in Glamour about how stress can make women more vulnerable to autoimmune disorders, which only made things worse.) So, Klonopin?