Burning Crosses in the Driveway Won't Save Your Marriage

Lauri Apple · 11/17/11 07:08AM

Fifty-year-old Floridan L.B. Williams didn't want his wife to divorce him because he loved her, and also who would bake him cakes? Instead of seeking marriage counseling or taking Mrs. Williams on some romantic Red Lobster dinner dates, he tried to woo her back by staging a hate crime. Hey, whatever works! (It did not work.)

So-Called 'KKK Prank Trooper' Busted for DUI

Lauri Apple · 10/31/11 07:36AM

In 2008, on Martin Luther King Day Eve, Ohio State Trooper Eric E. Wlodarsky took a picture of a fellow trooper dressed up in "Ku Klux Klan-like garb" (small photo) and sent it to a sergeant as a prank. For extra bonus laffs, he did this while he and the other officer were both on duty.

Ice Cream Cone Mascot Mistaken for a KKK Member

Lauri Apple · 09/27/11 06:05AM

An ice cream shop in Ocala, Florida thought it would be a clever marketing tactic to have an employee dress up as an ice cream cone and stand out in the parking lot with a sign advertising their goods. Little did they know!

Stetson Kennedy, The Man Who Unmasked the Klan

Hamilton Nolan · 08/29/11 08:16AM

Civil rights crusader Stetson Kennedy died this weekend at his home in Florida at the age of 94. Kennedy, a lifelong Floridian, author, and investigative journalist, infiltrated and exposed the Ku Klux Klan back when that really meant something.

Idaho Man Rings in Holidays with Ku Klux Klan Snowman

Max Read · 12/03/10 01:25AM

Eliseuson, of course, doesn't see what's wrong with his snowman at all! "It's just a snowman," he says. Totally! Just one of those great small-town snow-sculpture tributes to the classic SNL skit "Coneheads" that also makes a powerful statement about suicide by hanging.

In Praise of College Newspaper Scandals

Hamilton Nolan · 10/05/10 10:53AM

College newspapers are not totally worthless. They are where young journalists go to learn. About scandal! Angry readers! Outraged parents! Repentant editors! Scared-shitless administrators! And all over some kids who are just making it up as they go! It's great.

Puppies: Racists

Hamilton Nolan · 02/10/09 11:09AM

So, what are our soy-based friends at PETA doing these days to outrage the world, hmmm? Oh just dressing up like the KKK outside of the Westminster dog show at Madison Square Garden. Normal Monday.