Crowd To Kitty Pryde: Suck Danny Brown's Dick; Danny Brown: Nothing

Rich Juzwiak · 05/08/13 12:45PM

In an apparent reference to doodle-rapper Kitty Pryde's sexual-assault defense of Danny Brown's handling of getting his dick sucked on stage last week (about which she later gloated to Stereogum, "I been smarter than you guys this whole time"), a crowd of guys at the pair's New York show last night chanted, "Suck his dick! Suck his dick!" throughout her opening set, according to The Village Voice's Devon Maloney. Maloney writes:

All the Girls Standing in the Line For the Rap Show: Iggy Azalea's Sudden Rise

Emma Carmichael · 06/14/12 03:25PM

Iggy Azalea almost wasn't Internet-famous. Last summer, the native Australian was living in Los Angeles, and after what was supposed to be two weeks in Miami at age 16 had turned into five years spent in four cities throughout the states, she was down to the last of her savings. She had one shot left, and so she used that money to film the music video for "PU$$Y," a song off her first mixtape.