Cute Cats Can Jump (Especially When They're Scared)

Matt Cherette · 08/20/10 05:33PM

It's Friday—aka cute cat video time! Here's an adorable collection of kittens chillin' on their owner's area rug. Two of them become startled when the rug moves and subsequently perform the most inadvertently cute acrobatics ever. Watch inside.

Obama Reaches Out to Dying Socks

Pareene · 12/16/08 02:03PM

We have good news and bad news from the Obama transition team. The cutest Clintonite of all is on board, but perhaps not for long.

Dear Keith Gessen: We Got You a Kitten

Pareene · 06/13/08 11:00AM

Beloved brilliant genius intellectual novelist Keith Gessen seems a little stressed out! He freely admits that he's losing, or has lost, his mind. (Just when the world needs it most!) He wants desperately to take back the internet, from the geighs, and he speaks for the elite trees. But he promised, last night, to do some things that will help. He will live an admirable life, and he will "adopt the kittens and date everyone." Ok, Keith! Here is your kitten. She is a stray from beautiful Ocean Hill, Brooklyn, right off the J. She lives on your Day Editor's stoop and loves people. Right now her name is "Sammy Davis Mewnior" but you could name her "George Meorwell" or "Mrs. Keith Gessen" or whatever if you wanted to. More adorable photos after the jump!