How Did It Take This Long for the Worst-Ever Kitchen Nightmare to Close?

Jay Hathaway · 07/16/15 03:50PM

Amy’s Baking Company was the most nightmarish Kitchen Nightmare of all, a restaurant run by rage-filled lunatics so unwilling to change that even Gordon Ramsay just gave up. Two years after owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo melted down on national TV, they’ve finally realized that customer service might not be their strong suit. Amy’s Baking Co. will close as a restaurant, and the couple plans to run a wholesale bakery under the same name.

Someone Sabotaged Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant Opening

Gabrielle Bluestone · 11/18/14 01:04AM

Perma-perturbed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay says his big London restaurant opening was sabotaged this weekend when someone booked up the dining room with fake reservations.

Eating & Drinking: Thursday Edition

cityfile · 03/12/09 02:40PM

• Rumor has it Iacopo Falai is in "early talks" to open up a space inside Andre Balazs's new Standard Hotel in the meatpacking district. [Eater]
• Chocolate Bar will reopen in a new West Village location on April 28. [NYO]
• The price of certain French cheeses quadruples on March 22. Ouch! [TONY]
Tim and Nina Zagat are launching a new food website. And The Atlantic is launching a new food "channel" tomorrow. [GS, AdAge]
• Korean food is taking over America, apparently. [WSJ]
• Sign 'o the times: Arby's first Brooklyn outpost is opening in the landmarked space formerly occupied by steakhouse Gage & Tollner. [NYDN]
• Chefs Daniel Boulud, Floyd Cardoz, and Marco Canora discuss the biz. [GS]
• Matt Oliver, doorman at M2 and brunch at Merkato 55, chats nightlife. [BB]
Bourdain on Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares: "It's a circus of cruelty, like shooting fish in a barrel with a cut-down 12-gauge shotgun. There's no cooking. It's just a bunch of dimwits—the lame, the halt and the delusional." [EMD]

Gordon Ramsay: The McCain Of Food

Hamilton Nolan · 09/03/08 04:46PM

I love that asshole Gordon Ramsay. He combines all the best qualities we seek in television chefs: cooking skills, abusive language, a foreign accent. As well as the occasional tender moment! Kitchen Nightmares, the show where Ramsay travels to nice, homely restaurants in the New York area and berates their owners to distraction before showering them with thousands of dollars worth of new kitchen equipment, is coming back to Fox tomorrow night. And not a moment too soon—with the Republican convention wrapping up, where else will America turn for our televised dose of a blond man with an ill-concealed temper demanding that foreigners accept his help or be destroyed? See the parallels there, zing? Yes. Watch the trailer after the jump; the cockroaches represent Islamofascism:

Gordon Ramsay Has No Time For Romance

Hamilton Nolan · 02/20/08 12:37PM

Gordon Ramsay, you DONKEY. The Scottish-born screaming chef has that "Kitchen Nightmares" show on Fox, where he visits terrible restaurants, screams a lot, and magically transforms them into good restaurants. Nifty! But Gordon, even complete makeovers don't give you the right to kick people out in the middle of their romantic Valentine's Day dinners so you can film your stupid show.