What Was Kirsten Dunst Doing on May 4?

Caity Weaver · 10/30/13 09:00AM

As Miranda July's celebrity-email-based art project "We Think Alone" winds to a close, a burning question—and possibly a coded message for help—has emerged: What was Kirsten Dunst doing on May 4?

Caity Weaver · 03/26/13 04:36PM

In 1997, Kirsten Dunst lost to Joseph "Joey" Gordon-Levitt on teen Celebrity Jeopardy! They both performed abysmally.

Good Morning America Host Wonders 'What Is Teabagging?'; Kirsten Dunst Refuses to Tell Her

Caity Weaver · 09/05/12 10:55AM

You know how sometimes you overhear a group of 14-year-old girls talking at an Applebee's and one of them—the pretty, grown-up one, or maybe The Australian—says, "Aidan wanted me to give him a blow job last night," and another one, the one in the sweatshirt with a teddy bear rollerblading on it, asks "Why, was his hair wet?" and all the cool girls laugh and laugh, so she laughs too but you can tell she Just Didn't Get It, so you lean over and say "Hey, loser, me and all your cool friends can tell you Just Didn't Get It"?

On the Road: Are We All Aboard?

Leah Beckmann · 03/12/12 04:04PM

Here's the jazzy trailer for On the Road, the adaption of Jack Kerouac's days of Beat anthem, brought to you by Motorcycle Diaries director Walter Salles.

Upside Down: Kirsten Dunst Is Head Over Heels

Brian Moylan · 01/03/12 03:41PM

Check out this French trailer for the new thriller Upside Down. I don't quite get how this high concept works. Apparently there is a world with two sets of gravity and those who are right side up can't fall in love with those upside down. Unless you're Kirsten Dunst, of course.

Daniel Craig's Kardashian Rant: 'F—king Idiots'

Maureen O'Connor · 11/30/11 11:14AM

Daniel Craig ridicules Kourtney Kardashian's placenta. Kellan Lutz gives himself a "Hitler Youth" hairdo. Ali Lohan wonders whether Dina will let her get plastic surgery. Ashton Kutcher hangs out with a cow. Wednesday gossip is full of hate.

Kristin Davis Adopts a Baby and Other Family Issues

Max Read · 10/08/11 11:08AM

Kirstin Davis adopts a baby. Cary Grant "force-feeds" his ex-wife LSD. Paul McCartney is getting married, again. And Patricia Arquette has a cyber-stalker. Saturday gossip is ready to become a German citizen.

All the Crazy Outfits from the CFDA Awards

Brian Moylan · 06/07/11 11:19AM

Last night was the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, which is like the Oscars of the fashion industry, except it wasn't televised, we didn't speculate about the winners for months on end, and there were even more gay men in attendance. Naturally, with anything fashion-related, there were a ton of wacky outfits. Let's look!

Kirsten Dunst, Tree of Life Win at Cannes

Max Read · 05/22/11 02:17PM

Attention, nerds! The Cannes Film Festival held its award ceremony on Sunday, handing Terence Malick's Tree of Life the top prize and giving Kirsten Dunst the Best Actress award for Jumanji.

Lars von Trier's Nazi Comments: The Awkward, Stuttering Video

Maureen O'Connor · 05/19/11 11:39AM

Lars von Trier's trainwreck press conference is the gift that keeps on giving. The Telegraph posted video of von Trier's Nazi meltdown, and it's the second-most awkward press conference footage I have ever seen, right after Gloria Allred's baseball bat masturbation press conference. Seated next to Von Trier, Kirsten Dunst covers her face with her hand and looks mortified. Unless it's leftover mortification from Lars' "really, really, really hardcore" comment?

All the Stars Are Still in Cannes (And You're Still Not)

Brian Moylan · 05/18/11 02:07PM

If you were rich and famous and had a movie to promote, you would be in the south of France right now basking in the sun and strolling down the red carpet in a couture creation. But you're not. You're reading this on the internet somewhere. Because we're jealous, let's all make fun of the stars who are there, shall we?

Melancholia: Kirsten Dunst Sure Is Sad and Naked

Richard Lawson · 04/08/11 02:14PM

Here's a trailer for brutalist director Lars Von Trier's lastest film, a sci-fi flecked drama about a miserable bride and the end of the world. The film actually bills itself on its website as "A beautiful movie about the end of the world." So there. Plus naked Dunst!