Hamilton Nolan · 08/10/15 04:16PM

The founder of a charity group that was displaced from its Venice Beach office by Snapchat’s expansion says that “a Snapchat executive told her he had noticed one of her homeless clients sweeping the street with an old broom, so he offered to buy the organization a new one.” Kindness—it’s affordable :)

When It’s Difficult to Endure

L. Yvette Baker · 11/18/14 10:15AM

I struggle with accepting the fact that I am a strange girl. I'm not the kind of strange girl that relishes her weirdness and feels that it adds cachet—most of the time I feel misunderstood, disliked, or acutely alone. My conversations tend to alienate those around me; what I perceive as candor and connection reads like unmitigated gall and oversharing. I've been told that I just have to find people who "get me," and that has proven difficult.