Media Pioneers Bank on Futuristic 'Book' Technology

Ryan Tate · 09/07/11 05:00PM

Uber nerd website ArsTechnica has one. Amazon is guiding web savvy writers toward them. And now even the electronic newspaper of the future, the Huffington Post, has one. Meet the so-called "book," heir apparent to the future of media.

Pay a Serial Killer to Murder Your Books

Ryan Tate · 08/18/11 04:27PM

It's hot in Japan, and finally coming to the U.S.: For $2 or $3 per title, you can have your book collection lovingly scanned, emailed, and ground into dust. You don't even have to dispose of the corpse. Progress!

Googler Quits During Televised Speech

Ryan Tate · 07/27/11 05:37PM

Google wants to get into the LOLcat business, but Steve Yegge is damned if he's going to help; the engineer told a tech conference that "I am officially quitting that job on national TV." Also in today's Valleywag roundup: Google is showering programmers with 50 percent raises and trips to Paris; Karl Rove advertised in his favorite gay sex app; and a tech writer is minting money off a single review.

You Read Slower On an iPad or Kindle

Adrian Chen · 07/03/10 10:41AM

Champions of the printed page, rejoice! A new study found that reading speed declines anywhere from 6.2-10.7% when using a Kindle or iPad instead of an old-fashioned book. This is probably because people keep asking to touch your iPad. [Mashable]

Amazon's Very Big, Very Small Kindle Expansion

Andrew Belonsky · 10/07/09 05:01AM

Amazon's a modern day Don Quixote. The company will expand its Kindle service across the globe, but won't look past the device's book-related origins. No touchscreen here. And, thus, no competition for Apple's forthcoming tablet. Silly Jeff Bezos! [Reuters]