People Are Taking Out Student Loans to Pay for Kindergarten

Hamilton Nolan · 03/28/12 03:28PM

This qualifies as a bit of a vague, not totally well-established-in-a-statistical-way trend; but the fact that it exists at all for one single person in America is, I believe, newsworthy. Families are taking out tens of thousands of dollars worth of loans in order to pay for private kindergarten for their whelps. That is some fucked up shit.

Teacher Has Students Oink at Messy Kid

Max Read · 04/14/11 01:35AM

A Tennessee kindergarten teacher punished a student for being messy by telling his classmates to encircle him, "call him a pig and make pig noises." Don't worry—she was suspended for a day!

'Times' Employees Claim Their Tambour Doors As Their Own

Doree Shafrir · 08/28/07 04:10PM

A memo just went around to Times employees, informing them that soon they will be able to claim their cubicles as their very own. Now everyone will really know where everyone else sits, because everyone will get a "personal sign." Ooo! Also, a tambour door looks like this. Is everyone locked into a pod or something? The full memo follows.