North Korea Successfully Launches Shitty Photoshop of Submarine Missile

Ashley Feinberg · 05/20/15 04:56PM

A little over a week ago, North Korea claimed to have successfully launched a ballistic missile from an undersea submarine. Such a launch would have been a major step forward for the hermit country, if it had actually happened. But according to German aerospace experts, the photos supposedly proving North Korea’s technological prowess only proved that, once again, North Korea is shit at Photoshop.

Kim Jong-un Reappears After Six Week Absence Sporting Cane and Smile

Aleksander Chan · 10/14/14 07:10AM

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who has been a no-show at public events in the country since Sept. 3, appeared to return to the public eye Tuesday with photos of him touring building projects running on the front page of North Korea's daily, Rodong Sinmun. His limp of mysterious provenance was also back, along with a cane that only fuels speculation that the head of the totalitarian regime is unwell.

Kim Jong-un Has a Mysterious Limp

Allie Jones · 07/08/14 08:02AM

Kim Jong-un limped his way on stage at his grandfather's memorial ceremony today. It's not clear what his injury is — maybe he's just being dramatic — but it's surprising that state TV captured his apparent weakness.

North Korea Is Sending Cheerleaders to South Korea

Allie Jones · 07/07/14 10:45AM

In a bid to distract from its nuclear weapons program, North Korea announced it will send cheerleaders to South Korea. The DPRK has done this only a handful of times since the Korean War, always in attempts to ease tensions between the two Koreas. The cheerleaders will travel with athletes to the Asian Games in Incheon this September.