Lindsay Lohan's Days Are Never Drama-Free

cityfile · 08/21/09 05:45AM

• Lindsay Lohan left her cell phone at a deli yesterday. When she returned a few minutes later to retrieve it, an employee refused to give it back to her. LiLo wasn't too pleased to hear that, of course. (Let's hope the Italian ice she's holding made up for it.) But most of the time, she only has herself to blame for her troubles. Yesterday she tweeted that she was at a store in SoHo. But then she got annoyed when a gazillion photographers materialized outside a few minutes later. [Sun, P6]
Salman Rushdie was spotted making out with a hot, young babe at the Inglourious Basterds party at the Standard Grill the other night. [P6]
• Jennifer Aniston supposedly "feels rejected and upset" after Bradley Cooper dropped her and started dating Renee Zellweger. [Us]
• Speaking of Zellweger, she used her appearance on David Letterman's show last night to promote the Blue Parrot, the Mexican restaurant she co-owns with Ron Perelman, Jon Bon Jovi, and Larry Gagosian, among others. [People]


cityfile · 07/16/09 08:27AM

Kim Cattrall standing in front of Le Bilboquet on East 63rd Street .... Jessica Alba going to dinner at the Waverly Inn ... Jennifer Lopez on the set of her new movie, The Back-Up Plan ... Stephanie Pratt shopping in SoHo ... Bruce Willis watching Paul McCartney's concert at the Ed Sullivan Theater with wife Emma Hemming ... Chloe Sevigny walking on Central Park West ... Jesse Jackson on Fifth and 48th ... Drew Barrymore leaving her trailer on the set of her new movie ... Pierce Brosnan standing on the set of Remember Me in Brooklyn ... and Edie Falco getting out of a car.

Samantha Jones is On the Prowl Once Again

The Cajun Boy · 07/15/09 07:01AM

Kim Cattrall breaks up with her man, Will and Jada Smith have lots of sex, Chace Crawford is moving out of Ed Westwick's place to get his own apartment downtown and Megan Fox is shopping for a house.

Is Penelope Pregnant?

cityfile · 07/15/09 06:19AM

• Is Penelope Cruz with child? The only evidence seems to be that she looks a bit bigger these days, but if that's enough to convince you, feel free to pass the rumor on to everyone you know. [P6]
• Jesus Luz, Madonna's Brazilian model boyfriend, isn't happy that Madge has been spending time with her ex, and he's become "downright childlike" in his need for her constant attention. That might have something to do with the fact that he is a child, but whatever. [NYDN]
• Who says the love fades after 60? Jane Fonda is reportedly head over heels in love with her new boyfriend, music producer Richard Perry. And Robert Redford tied the knot with his younger German girlfriend over the weekend. [P6, People]

Madonna Pleads Her Case, LiLo Continues to Devolve

cityfile · 04/13/09 05:52AM

• Madonna's most recent effort to change hearts and minds in Malawi: She pleaded her case in a letter to the country's Nation newspaper, writing that she wants to provide Mercy "with a home, a loving family environment and the best education and health care possible." [Us, NYP]
• Madonna may want to take a cue from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: The couple had their adoption request turned down by Bhutan recently, but they're now moving on to the Philippines, according to Britain's Daily Mail. [NYDN]
• Kipton Cronkite's life appears to be headed downhill: The art world scenester has lost his job and apartment, and he's living rent-free with a rich teenager on the Lower East Side. [P6]
• Ruth Madoff will have to find a new stylist: She's been banned from the Pierre Michel Salon "out of respect for the salon's other customers." [P6]
• Lindsay Lohan's mental condition isn't improving: Friends now say she "barely sleeps" anymore, and she "can't even sit down for a minute without pacing around the room." [People]

The Friday Party Report

cityfile · 03/06/09 01:28PM

Valentino and Vogue co-hosted a cocktail party to benefit New Yorkers For Children at Valentino's Madison Avenue store last night. Guests included Fabiola Beracasa and Erin Fetherston (left), Fern Mallis, Tinsley Mortimer, Valesca Guerrand-Hermès, Maggie Betts, Paul Sevigny, Bebe Neuwirth, Jennifer Creel, Selita Ebanks, Alina Cho, Kate Schelter, Antony Todd, Tatiana Platt, Kevin Liles, Denise Wohl, Di Petroff, Felicia Taylor, Erica and Geraldo Rivera, Sylvester and Gillian Miniter, Dori Cooperman, Maggie Rizer, Allison Sarofim, Lydia Fenet, Vanessa von Bismarck, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Susan Shin, Tracy Stern, Melissa Berkelhammer, Stephanie LaCava, and, yes, "Real Housewife" Alex McCord and her husband Simon van Kempen. [PMc, Wireimage, VF, SF]

Sex and the City Ladies Finally Commit

cityfile · 01/22/09 06:29AM

• Hope you're ready to go through it all over again: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis have all agreed to participate in a Sex and the City movie sequel. [Us]
Graydon Carter should really consider writing a nutrition cookbook: It seems Madonna's secret to eternal youth is the salmon with lentils at the Waverly Inn. [L&S]
• Still more drama from the inaugural festivities in DC earlier this week: Chris Matthews got pissed about having to wait on line, Sharon Stone was annoyed she had to co-host a segment on CNN with D.L. Hughley, and Halle Berry went into panic mode after her dress got caught in an escalator. [P6]
Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted on a flight doing yoga in the aisle recently. Is this becoming a trend? [Star]
• Charges against Mathias Guerrand-Hermès have been dropped. [NYDN]

Guess the Ex-Husband

cityfile · 11/13/08 09:08AM

Can you pick out the ex-husband of the actress, socialite, singer, TV talk show host, political fundraiser, and magazine editor? Click on "More" for the answers.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall Face Off

cityfile · 11/07/08 06:37AM

Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker are apparently incapable of getting along: A day after Kim confirmed that there will be Sex and the City sequel, Parker told fans "not to get their hopes up" and that "Kim is excited, but all the deals are not yet done." [Daily Star, People]
♦ It looks like spending time in court, soup kitchens, and sanitation departments hasn't helped Naomi Campbell much. She infuriated passengers on her flight back from London on Tuesday by cutting in line while going through customs at JFK. She swears it wasn't her fault because it was the airline that offered her an escort. [R&M]
Ian Schrager is getting married next Saturday. The bride-to-be is a ballerina named Tania Wahlstedt. [P6]

Madonna Leans on Gwynnie, Padma the Manhunter

cityfile · 11/06/08 06:50AM

♦ Now that she doesn't have Guy Ritchie to boss around, Madonna is finding more time to control everyone else: She's supposedly been "begging" Gwyneth Paltrow to leave her London home so they can spend more time together in New York. She's also busy orchestrating a reunion between Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears: All three will be performing together at Madge's concert in LA tonight. [The Sun, E!]
Padma Lakshmi is apparently on a "man-search" for a filthy rich boyfriend now that her flings with Ted Forstmann and Russell Simmons are over. [P6]
♦ Now that the election is over, Tina Fey says she will be officially retiring her Sarah Palin impression. [Extra]


cityfile · 09/04/08 02:17PM

Cameron Diaz leaving a nail appointment ... Jennifer Aniston with Alec Baldwin on the set of 30 Rock ... Liv Tyler dressed up for a party sponsored by Samsung ... Miley Cyrus walking around Midtown ... Adrian Grenier with his grandmother at the Entourage season premiere party ... Kim Cattrall sitting with with Star Jones at the US Open ... Naomi Watts with her baby on Lafayette Street ... Ed Koch standing in Midtown ... and Kelly Ripa leaving the ABC studios with a cup of coffee in hand...

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/21/08 06:04AM

Kim Cattrall turns 52 today, although we're guessing she won't be receiving any celebratory gifts from her SATC castmates. Other people blowing out candles today: Kelis is turning 29, Heroes star Hayden Panettiere is 19 and CBS Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith is 57. Former deputy mayor Randy Mastro turns 52. Google co-founder Sergei Brin is 35. Steve Case, the co-founder of AOL, is 50. Country singer Kenny Rogers is turning 70. Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher is 34. And Brody Jenner celebrates his 25th today, with what we're sure will be a drama-filled party that will eventually show up on The Hills.

New Sesame Street Season All About Grown-Up Celebrities

Richard Lawson · 07/30/08 04:30PM

Maybe this was the case when I was a kid and I just don't remember, but the new season of PBS institution Sesame Street seems to be laying it on a little bit thick with celebrity guest stars. Nothing wrong with them once in a while, Feist and Neil Patrick Harris sing cute songs and it is pleasant. But um pussy-obsessed stoner Jonah Hill? Sex maniac Kim Cattrall? What are kids getting out of this? And are parents really enjoying seeing celebrities that remind them of fucking and being stoned when they're watching an afternoon show with their little ones? Brought to you by the letter X and the number 3! Nothing wrong with sex and weed, but there's a time and a place, no? Watch a preview for the new season after the jump and judge for yourself. I'm sure you'll agree that "Preschool Musical" is pretty great.

Is Madonna a Yankees Fan?

cityfile · 07/01/08 05:40AM
  • Is Madonna have a secret romance with Alex Rodriguez? The two have been spending late nights together at her apartment and they've been spotted working out together, too. Rodriguez's wife Cynthia can't be pleased by any of this. [Us]

Recap: 2008 CFDA Awards

cityfile · 06/03/08 04:51AM

Last night the 26th CFDA Awards were held at the New York Public Library, MC'd by Fran Lebowitz and hosted by CFDA chairman Diane Von Furstenberg, who, like many attendees, wore YSL in tribute to the late designer. The big winners? Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa was presented the award for womenswear by Maggie Gyllenhaal (in Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez's Proenza Schouler), Victoria Beckham (in Marc Jacobs) and Eva Mendes (in Calvin Klein). Kim Cattrall presented the award for menswear to Tom Ford.

Sex and the City Actress To Continue Having Sex

Richard Lawson · 06/02/08 11:19AM

Sex and the City star and perpetually naked old lady Kim Cattrall will continue her illustrious career of pretend-fucking on camera for HBO. The positively ancient fiftysomething coital acrobat has signed on to play the lead in a new series, copied of course from a British show, about a middle-aged woman who has a sexual reawakening, leading to major life changes. It's essentially about fucking to terms with things. No word yet on whether she'll have three shrill, shoe-worshiping friends, but you can bet there will be puns. So very many puns. []

The Tragic 'Sex And The City' Premiere: Tears, Double D Cups, Wedgies, And Only One Pretty Dress

Molly Friedman · 05/28/08 12:40PM

What would a Sex And The City movie premiere be without bouts of drama worthy of the show itself? While last night's premiere in New York looked glamorous on camera, on the scene it was another story entirely. From a controversial remark made by the franchise’s token villainness to fashion mishaps to thousands of ticketless die-hard fans ending up in tears, the scene outside Radio City Music Hall last night was chaotic and Cosmo-drenched. And that was just the crowd! As for the stars of the film, there were signs that sex-despising Sarah Jessica Parker's co-stars weren't entirely pleased to pose in front of the movie's poster (you know, the one that they don't even appear on). All the scandals and controversy, plus the highs and lows of the cast's fashion choices, after the jump.

Kiki Dunst: Drunk or Depressed?

cityfile · 05/28/08 05:47AM
  • Was she depressed or just drunk? Months after Kirsten Dunst returned from rehab, she's now telling people she never suffered from alcoholism at all, and instead checked in to treat depression. Whatever you say. [Us Weekly]