Blueprint of a Subway Shooting

Andy Cush · 05/12/15 11:41AM

Brooklyn district attorney Ken Thompson announced last week that he would not seek to file charges against 69-year-0ld Willie Groomes, who fatally shot 32-year-old Gilbert Drogheo in the Borough Hall subway station on March 10. Thompson’s office declined to elaborate on its reasoning beyond a brief statement saying, “While the death of this young man was indeed tragic, we cannot prove any charge of homicide beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Tennessee Man Kills Woman and Eats Part of Her Corpse

Aleksander Chan · 06/10/14 05:43PM

Police in Tennessee have arrested 37-year-old Gregory Scott Hale after he confessed to having murdered, dismembered, and consumed part of a woman he had met a day earlier. He committed the murder, he told investigators, in his parent's house, where he lives. Police have identified the woman as Lisa Marie Hyder.

Chicago's Shootings Didn't Happen In a Movie Theater, But It's Still the World's Deadliest City

Cord Jefferson · 08/14/12 03:56PM

Two months before alleged killer James Holmes stormed a Colorado movie theater, murdering 12 and injuring dozens more, police and politicians in a different place were trying to squelch the tremors from their own mass killing. It was in Chicago, over Memorial Day weekend, when police responded to more than 40 shooting victims in about 72 hours. Ten of those victims were shot dead, including four teenage children. Alas, despite the fact that more people died that weekend than in both the August 5 Sikh killings and yesterday's College Station shootings combined, there will be no flags at half-staff for those 10 Chicagoans. It's likely you didn't even know those people were dead, just like most of your friends and family. In a summer of now three much-lamented shootings with multiple victims, Chicago's murdered are the forgotten ones.

Trailer Parks Decidedly More Terrifying Places After Today

Foster Kamer · 08/29/09 05:30PM

Not that trailer parks aren't already established as traditional American targets for tornadoes, domestic violence, and meth labs, they're crossing the threshold into killing grounds. In Georgia, a slaying left seven dead and two critically injured, with few details known.