This Is the Worst Super Bowl Party Picture Ever Taken

Leah Finnegan · 02/02/15 10:05PM

Last night was the Super Bowl, I guess. I heard something about a shark and stopped asking questions. But then today I was reading some celebrity gossip blogs and one of my favorite bloggers noted that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon spent the Super Bowl together... at Jimmy Kimmel's house? With... Grantland editor Bill Simmons?!? And the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, one of whom tweeted the below picture, which is what I imagine the scene at the gates of Hell to look like?

Andover Has Its Own Hip-Hop Anthem

Hamilton Nolan · 08/05/11 11:35AM

The only bad things about this video, "The Andover Song," are the excruciatingly earnest lyrics, the disconcerting juxtaposition of a bunch of freshly-scrubbed teenage prep school lacrosse aficionados with the format of a non-parody rap video, the horribly awkward cameo by the elderly authority figure, the depressing realization that this video's production values are much higher than those on many videos by "real" rappers, and the overarching statement that the very existence of this video makes about the dissipation and decline of hip hop culture in America.

Broadway Hopes to Attract Audience Members With Buff Men

Richard Lawson · 05/08/08 12:26PM

There's a beefcake explosion on old Broadway. Dimple-cheeked, well-muscled actor Mario Lopez (Saved By the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas) danced his way into America's hearts while on that show about shiny lights and things moving around for an hour, Dancing With the Stars. Now he's nancing—uh, I mean dancing— up a storm again in A Chorus Line on Broadway as, um, the director who's barely ever on stage. But those muscles! They're the best marketing tool a dying art form has got! Plus, as a friendly tipster points out, Mario's got competition. (And Mario's not happy about it.) A young fellow named Nick Adams (after the Hemingway character?), who plays Larry the Dance Captain in the show, has a body to rival Lopez's and, blessedly, the online photo album to prove it. Couple this with Cry-Baby chorus member Spencer Liff getting cited on New York's "Approval Matrix" this week for having "the hottest abs on Broadway," and I think we have a Broadway Beefcake Boom. Now that's theatre. Suck it, Pinter! After the jump find photo evidence of the beefiness.