Coyote Eats Tri-State Area Dog In Brazen Show of Strength

Gabrielle Bluestone · 05/03/15 08:02PM

Was a coyote sending a calculated message to tri-state area humans this weekend when he snatched a small dog out of a backyard and presumably tore it apart with his sharp teeth? I’m not a coyote and I don’t profess to understand how they think, but if you held one to my head my answer would be, “Yes, this is possible.”

The Air Force Desperately Needs More Fighter Pilots

Hamilton Nolan · 07/22/13 08:38AM

It used to be that every red-blooded young boy watched Top Gun and dreamed of growing up to be a fighter pilot, though hopefully not one killed during an emergency ejection. Today, the Air Force cannot get enough fighter pilots to fill its fancy planes.

Sniper Sets Record with Kill at 1.5 Miles

Max Read · 05/03/10 08:27PM

British soldier Craig Harrison killed two Taliban machine gunners in Afghanistan at a distance of 8,120 feet, setting a vaguely depressing record. The previous vaguely depressing record, set by a Canadian sniper, was 7,972 feet. [Sky News]

Alec Baldwin Still Hates Kim Basinger

ian spiegelman · 08/31/08 07:44AM

With his success on the awesome 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin's been enjoying his reclaimed status as beloved funny dude for the last couple of years now. But raise the subject of his ex-wife Kim Basinger and you'll be treated to hot flashes of psycho "you're a little pig" voicemail dad. In a profile in the upcoming New Yorker, he asks, "Think I'm walking stiffly? Yeah, there's a 120-pound actress on my back." Baldwin's gripe, he says, is that Basinger is constantly trying to drive a wedge between him and their 12-year-old daughter, Ireland.

The Tucker Max Choke-Out Video

ian spiegelman · 08/15/08 06:05PM

Yeah, I know, we're giving lying writer, horrible hack, and obvious scat fetishist Tucker Max too much attention. But, well, he's an awful... thing... and there's always the hope that once in a while showing how much of a shit someone is again and again will actually harm them. I know, windmills and such. Still, here is one of the idiot's sycophantic goons/circle-jerk buddies putting someone in a potentially fatal choke-hold because the victim-also some kind of Tucker follower-dissed him on a message board, apparently. You know, coz Tucker and his dudes are raw. And coz this kinda shit is fuckin' h'larious bra.