Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains the Meaning of Life to a 6 ¾-Year-Old

Jay Hathaway · 01/16/15 04:45PM

A precocious 6 (and three quarters!)-year-old named Jack got a chance to ask astronomical badass and Cosmos host Neil deGrasse Tyson a question at Boston's Wilbur Theatre last night, and he cut right to the chase. Yo, Neil, he asked, "What's the meaning of life?"

Weddings Are Boring, But This Kid Knows a Good Dance Move

Jay Hathaway · 01/02/15 04:33PM

Weddings: Good for you. Nobody cares. This kid, Harlan, and his sweet dance moves (actually, it's more like one really good move): A lone bright spot in several dark hours interacting with people's relatives.

Angry Little Kid Tears Apart a Dollar Store, No One Stops Him

Jay Hathaway · 12/30/14 09:50AM

What upset this kid—or "jit," in the parlance of our narrator—so much that he had to walk through a dollar store, aisle by aisle, and rip every affordably priced item off the shelves? Why was shorty going HAM in the Dollar General?

Cute 7-Year-Old Kid Secretly Tapes Santa Delivering Presents

Jay Hathaway · 12/26/14 04:50PM

Evan, age 7, didn't think his plan to catch Santa on video would work—the North Pole is quite magically and technologically advanced, after all—but he convinced his big brother to set up a GoPro and went for it anyway.

Sensitive Toddler Gets Choked Up Over an Emotional Cartoon

Jay Hathaway · 11/13/14 09:56AM

This little girl, who's now destined for Ellen or something, was overcome with feelings watching the Chipettes (the '80s female version of Alvin and the Chipmunks) reunite a lost baby penguin with her family.

Bryan Cranston Reads to Kids: "You Have to Fucking Eat"

Jay Hathaway · 11/12/14 02:10PM

Bryan Cranston summons up everything he's learned playing both a genial dad and a meth-cooking, family-destroying megalomaniac for his latest challenging performance: Narrating the audiobook of You Have to Fucking Eat.

Six Children Knock Back Booze-Filled Drinks at Joe's Crab Shack

Aleksander Chan · 11/10/14 11:54AM

At Joe's Crab Shack, where your cousin brought you once and swears isn't always that gross, you can order a Shark Bite or a Shark Nibble. They sound similar—and in a busy restaurant, one could easily be confused for the other—but they are actually different! One (the Bite) contains alcohol; the other (the Nibble) does not. Someone got confused serving a table of children aged two to eight at a Joe's Crab Shack last Wednesday in Colorado Springs.

Jimmy Kimmel Brought Back His Cruelest Halloween Prank, Made Kids Cry

Jay Hathaway · 11/04/14 10:03AM

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel continued his annual tradition of ripping families apart by asking parents, for the fourth year in a row, to tell their kids they ate all the Halloween candy. The results range from wounded tears to straight-up post-Halloween sugar tantrums to being surprisingly calm about the whole thing.

Kid Bursts Into Tears When Parents Tell Him He Has Ebola

Jay Hathaway · 10/31/14 11:50AM

Add "making your son think he's dying" to the list of things people will do for the Vine. These parents put on protective masks, took their kid's temperature, and told him he had Ebola. Then they put his tears of fear and shock as he confronted his own mortality on the internet. He wasn't viral, obviously, but now the video is.

Sobbing Kids Reunite With Their Lost Cat After Two Months

Jay Hathaway · 10/23/14 03:07PM

Maddy the cat went missing two months ago, but her family never entirely gave up hope that she might come home. And then, this: Mom spotted the beloved 13-year-old pet wandering around near a gas station and brought her home for a surprise reunion with the kids.