Three Americans Kidnapped in Baghdad: Reports

J.K. Trotter · 01/18/16 11:32AM

At least three Americans were kidnapped by militants in southern Baghdad on Saturday, according to several American and Iraqi news outlets. An unnamed official of the city’s police force confirmed the group’s disappearance to The Washington Post on Sunday evening, but their precise identities, and why exactly they were kidnapped, were initially unclear:

FBI Arrests Suspect in "Gone Girl" Kidnapping Cops Thought Was a Hoax

Jay Hathaway · 07/13/15 05:10PM

Back in March, a 29-year-old Vallejo, Calif., woman disappeared from her home, and her boyfriend was left tied up and drugged with a note demanding a ransom for her return. Suspicion initially fell on the boyfriend, but when the victim returned two days later and refused to cooperate with investigators, authorities thought she may have staged the whole thing, a la Gone Girl. Which brings us up to this week, when a real suspect has been charged with the “hoax” kidnapping.

Man Claims Three Women Drugged and Raped Him, Then Bagged up His Semen

Jay Hathaway · 05/08/15 12:50PM

A 33-year-old South Africa man says three women forced him into a car at gunpoint Tuesday, then made him drink an unknown, erection-inducing drug and raped him. They allegedly collected his semen in plastic bags, which they stored in a cooler. When they’d taken what they wanted, he says, they abandoned him in a field near Port Elizabeth and drove away.

Allie Jones · 07/28/14 03:23PM

New Hampshire police say they've arrested Nathaniel E. Kibby, 34, for kidnapping 15-year-old Abby Hernandez. According to WCAX, the arrest was made "without incident" at his New Hampshire home. Hernandez was returned to her family last Sunday.

Indie Dance Band Kidnapped for 30 Hours in Mexico

Camille Dodero · 10/10/13 06:30PM

Holy hell, this is harrowing. This past weekend, Delorean, an electronic-pop act from Barcelona, performed at the Mexican installment of the Mutek Festival and on Monday morning, they were still at their Mexico City hotel when an emergency call came in, urging them to vacate the premises due to a shootout. They complied—and were taken hostage.

Hannah Anderson: Why I Texted My Kidnapper

Maggie Lange · 08/22/13 08:19AM

Kidnapping survivor Hannah Anderson spoke to Today this morning to clarify certain details of her ordeal—specifically the reasons behind her phone, text, and mail contact with her kidnapper—though she says that she's not ready to discuss the full story yet.